Zabbix Newsletter, December 2009

Hi Everyone!

Year 2009 is going to an end, Christmas is near and everyone is stocking up Christmas gifts. So is the Zabbix Team. During this hard and long but successful year, we have learned and achieved a lot, and we give you Zabbix 1.8.

In this issue:

Zabbix 1.8 is Out Now

Zabbix SIA is glad to announce the availability of the latest stable version of Zabbix 1.8. Now Zabbix is even more suitable and convenient to use in enterprise environments. Improvements and new features include large performance increase, network discovery, Zabbix agent autoregistration and much more. International users will enjoy full support for UTF-8, while the new API will allow unprecedented level of integration and customization.

Web frontend has been a leading factor for popularity of Zabbix. Version 1.8 builds upon the proven foundation recognizing this fact. Improved graphs, redesigned and improved configuration section, massively improved time period selector, new reports, lots and lots of minor changes that make using Zabbix easier.

We want to thank our Premium Partner NTT ComTechnology Corporation for their collaboration in developing 1.8, whose support made possible implementation of some major features in this release, and other companies and individuals for their active participation in development of Zabbix.

Fore more details on features and improvements please see Zabbix 1.8 - What's new.

New Upgrade Service

Along with release of new version we are launching new service to help you upgrade Zabbix from your older version. We can upgrade your Zabbix system to the latest stable version in 12 business hours. Our specialists will analyze your Zabbix system, backup your current Zabbix database and perform the upgrade. Besides we'll let you know about the latest features and revise possible improvement opportunities for your environment. Price starts from EUR 590 or USD 790 for small environments.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Portuguese/Spanish Forum

Recently we have opened new moderated section on our forum for Spanish and Portuguese speaking Zabbix community members. So everyone, please feel free to express your opinion or ask a question about Zabbix in your native language if you are hispanic.

For more information please visit Zabbix Forum.

Renewed Zabbix Information Resources

Zabbix wiki has been available for years now but despite its great potential it remained out of action till the recent age. Since RichLV took the lead of it the significant development has been done and now you can find monthly fresh updates on development of Zabbix, scripts, templates, have a look at HOWTOs that other users posted and share your own Zabbix experience in community documentation section.

Besides Wiki page new web resource for Zabbix documentation now available. On you can find up to date manual of latest Zabbix version in English. French and Japanese translations are to follow.

For more information please check: and .

Premium Partner in Spain

Zabbix SIA is glad to introduce to you its new Premium partner - Grupo SIA. Based in Spain it combines technological consultancy, systems of integration and services managed in four specialized areas of business: Security, Storage & Communications, Management IT and Mobility; and its keys to success are highly qualified employees, strategic alliances with technological partners leaders in the sector, as well as flexible adaptation to the requirements of clients.

"Zabbix is a valuable achievement for our services portfolio and we will offer it to our customers as it is a quality product we can rely on." said Alejandro Diez, Head of Business Development of Managed Services Division of Grupo SIA.

For more information check Zabbix Partners.

Zabbix Professional Training in January

If you haven't attended Zabbix 1.8 Certified Specialist and Zabbix 1.8 for Large Environments courses this year, you still got time to register for January course which will be held from 18th to 22nd of January 2010. The course will provide in-depth information about functionality and configuration of Zabbix 1.8 and older versions, along with hands-on workshops and exercises. Nearly 40% of time will be spent on practical work.

To book your place please contact [email protected]

For more information please check Zabbix Training section.


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Zabbix Newsletter, December 2009