Zabbix Newsletter, Feb 2009

Zabbix in 2008: Another successful year!

Dear Partner! The New Year 2009 has come and brought new inspiration and new ideas! We have just restyled our newsletter, and we hope that now it will be easier to read and catch necessary information. If you see something else to be improved, feel free to email us at [email protected] and give us a hint!

In this issue:

Zabbix in 2008

The year 2008 has gone, but it brought new challenging projects, tasks and solutions. Zabbix Team thanks all Zabbix customers, users and all interested people, who care for open-source programming and our Product, for being with us, for your participation and support.

Looking back we see that the passed year has been really successful for Zabbix Team:

  • Zabbix was downloaded more then 135.000 times or more than 10.000 downloads per month;
  • 9 stable releases were announced for downloading;
  • more than 2.5 thousand new threads were opened on Zabbix Forum and, finally,
  • Zabbix Forum community has grown up to more than 14 thousand members!

The year 2009 has already started and Zabbix Team wishes a lot of success and optimism (taking into account current economical situation) to all our clients and users. Stay with us! :-)

Zabbix Case Studies

The time has come! We are creating a separate section at our web-site devoted to Zabbix case studies specifically, and we welcome Zabbix users to email us at [email protected] should they wish to see the abstracts about their companies as Zabbix users there! The section is available at The first case studies are already published!

Ubuntu Users love Zabbix!

It is not a secret that our development environment and the most of our servers are based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu Linux is a platform of choice for many Zabbix users.

Zabbix is mentioned in the section 3 of the Ubuntu Server Edition 2009 Survey - Technology Choices, Diagram 14. For a complete report in PDF kindly see

Linux Community Awards'09

Zabbix took 4th place at the 2008 "Monitoring Application of the Year". For more information please visit

As stated by a Linux Community member, “Maybe Zabbix is not as popular as the likes of Nagios, Hyperic and Zenoss, but it is nothing less of a monitoring tool. I've evaluated almost all in the list (and more), and Zabbix came as a complete surprise where it had many features provided only in the commercial versions of Hyperic and Zenoss. It's extensible and really great. Takes a bit longer to setup, but totally worth the effort. For a small team of maintainers, Zabbix guys are doing a seemingly impossible job. I'm grateful for a wonderful FOSS tool”.

We are glad to see such comments, and we do our best to perfect Zabbix so that there would be more such opinions! ;-)

Zabbix Team at FOSDEM'09

The weekend of Feb. 7-8 was special for many users and developers of Open Source products - a well-known community event FOSDEM’09 took place in Brussels (Belgium).

The leading members of Zabbix Team had attended this event. Would you like to know how they liked it?

“This is my second visit to FOSDEM,” says Alexei Vladishev, Zabbix Product Manager. “I like this conference as it is the only large-scale conference in Europe made by the community and for the community. I was very happy to see that the number of visitors has nearly doubled. I wish that Zabbix will officially participate in this event in future. Who knows? :-)“

“The event was really nice. A special “thanks!” to all people, who participated in the lightning talks and lectures with their products – it was an interesting and efficient trip into the world of open source solutions and coding quirks,” added Maria Zaitseva, Zabbix Sales Manager. “Unfortunately, the weather did not like us and there was no sun at all, but in spite of this FOSDEM had gathered many people and we enjoyed its atmosphere very much”.

Partnership with Pragmatic Source

In the beginning of this year Zabbix SIA concluded a new partnership with French Open Source expertise company Pragmatic Source.

“We are pleased that our solution was chosen by Pragmatic Source Company, and we believe that this partnership will be beneficial for both parties - Zabbix and Pragmatic,” says Alexei Vladishev, CEO of Zabbix SIA and Head Developer of the Zabbix monitoring solution. “By operating as a professional services integrator and consulting company specializing in Linux and Open Source expertise, Pragmatic Source gets an attractive and promising solution, which can be offered and promoted all over the open source solutions market of France”.

"Zabbix is the most fully integrated, functionally rich, and yet simple to use and deploy Open Source monitoring software available today", added Farzad FARID, co-founder and CTO of Pragmatic Source. "In 2007 we packaged, configured and deployed Zabbix for one of our customers replacing another well-known open source monitoring solution. We contributed to the project by providing bug reports and patches for ZABBIX version 1.4. Being very satisfied with the product we recommend it to all of our customers and business partners."

For the full text of the press-release kindly visit .

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Zabbix Newsletter, Feb 2009