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Hi All,

First of all thank you for spending your time on testing 1.8.3 release candidates. We appreciate your efforts a lot, and finally we are pleased to announce the availability of stable Zabbix 1.8.3. Large article about it is waiting for you below. Also read about new partners that have joined our club, what we have seen on FISL11 in Brazil and more interesting stuff in this issue…


Zabbix on FISL 11 in Brazil

This July, our System Analyst and the author of the well known book “Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring” Rihards Olups has been representing our company on the Open Source Forum in Brazil “FISL11”. A couple of words about the conference:

Forum Internacional Software Livre - or fisl - is the biggest Open Source event in Southern America. Gathering some 7500 participants during 4 days, the 11th occasion of fisl also brought unexpected presence of multiple Zabbix talks.

In addition to the official Zabbix talk on the first day, there were at least two other ones - Brazilian federal agency SERPRO explained usage of Zabbix as a large scale monitoring aggregator, and 4LINUX provided information on Java application server monitoring with Zabbix.

Overall interest in and understanding of Free and Open source software both by Brazilian government and private organizations were very encouraging, and should result in steady IT sector growth.

Popularity of Zabbix in Brazil is quite high, and judging by the interest during the forum, it is only increasing. Zabbix training, that took place the week after fisl11, saw the biggest amount of participants ever.

Thanks to the fisl11 team and we hope to see you all next year as well.

Oh, and we would also like to remind everybody that Zabbix web frontend has a nice Brazilian Portuguese translation available.


Ez Texting – Technological Partner

Zabbix SIA is glad to announce Technological partnership with American bulk SMS service provider Ez Texting. Zabbix users from the USA starting with the forthcoming Zabbix 1.8.4 release will be able to receive sms alerts via integrated API. This service should help Zabbix users to reduce expenses related to sending of sms notifications. No need for GSM modem and you get multiple payment possibilities. You can choose to pay per sms, or in case of huge amounts of short messages you may choose to pay a subscription fee.

Stay tuned and find out more about this in our future newsletters. More info about Ez Texting in our Partners section.


Visit Riga, Obtain Zabbix Certificate!

This September Zabbix premises are ready to welcome participants from all over the Europe for Zabbix professional training. Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environments training courses will be delivered from September 20 to 24. Some seats are still available so please do not hesitate and book your place now by contacting our Sales Team.

The trainer of the course is Rihards Olups, the author of the popular book “Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring”.

For more information on the training programs please visit our website’s "Training" section or contact our Sales Team.


Long Awaited Zabbix 1.8.3 Released!

Recently released Zabbix version, 1.8.3, brings lots to enjoy, both for long time Zabbix users and newcomers. Let's look at some highlights provided by this release.

Passive Zabbix proxy support

Zabbix proxies are processes that allow to collect data from remote locations, requiring only a single open port going from proxy to server - at least they were, up to Zabbix 1.8.3. Now they can also be used in the opposite direction, where only server is connecting to the proxy to retrieve the collected data. Along with that, proxy administration section in Zabbix frontend has been extended to provide more information.

Improved performance

Zabbix server performance has again been improved by reducing amount of database queries server has to make, reduced server memory usage, as well as paralellising of some functionality to benefit from multicore systems even more.

Global frontend messaging

Previously, working in some other section of Zabbix frontend that does not display current problems would result in not knowing about the latest events. Now it is possible to receive visual messages as well as sound alerts in all sections of Zabbix frontend.

That's not all

Of course, that is not a full list of what is available in Zabbix 1.8.3 - some members of the team are joking that it should actually have been released as 2.0. There are lots and lots of small improvements, both in configuration and monitoring sections, and you can read in full about them in the "What's new in Zabbix 1.8.3" page - with screenshots as well.

Zabbix appliance

Zabbix appliance has been updated as well. If you are unable to install the new version yourself, you could download the virtual appliance and see the new features in action in a practical manner.

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