Newsletter, February 2010

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Dear Friends,

The winter is cold, but despite the freeze Zabbix team is in the office from the early morning developing new features and fixing outstanding bugs. The work goes well and quickly, as development team has got a new member for the club now. We have already released version 1.8.1 which contains noticeable improvements, and the 1.8.2 is to follow. More on that and other news in this issue…


Zabbix 1.8.1 Released

Recently Zabbix 1.8.1 has been released. It contains some quite impressive improvements in node synchronisation (distributed monitoring cornerstone). Version 1.8.1 has improved single database index, which made synchronisation several times faster. Besides quite an amount of bugs has been fixed which has modified performance of main functionalities. For complete overwiev of modifications and bugfixes please see release notes.

The version 1.8.2 is to be released in the beginning of March, so stay tuned.


Zabbix Website in Spanish

We are happy to announce that Zabbix website ( along with Russian and Japanese now got Spanish version also. It is available at Not all is translated yet, however the work is moving forward, and soon you'll be able to have all info about Zabbix in Spanish. We would like to thank Vins Vilaplana for the great job he's doing and to wish him good luck.

For more information please check and Spanish/Portuguese Zabbix forum.


How Should a Cool Zabbix T-shirt Look Like?

Great news everyone! Zabbix SIA has decided to acquire some merchandise stuff and we want to start with T-shirts. How should a cool Zabbix T-shirt look like? We are pretty sure that Zabbix community knows answer to this question better than anyone else and we would like you to share your ideas with us. Please drop your thoughts about this at Zabbix forum or simply email at sales and maybe exactly your idea will be chosen.


Zabbix Professional Training in Riga, March 8-12

You have a great opportunity to obtain unique knowledge by attending Zabbix professional training that will take place at the Zabbix SIA premises in Riga, Latvia from March 8 to12. The training is dedicated to the latest version of Zabbix and will provide in-depth information about functionality and configuration of 1.8 and older versions along with hands-on workshops and exercises. Nearly half of time will be spent on practical work and at the end of the course every participant will achieve Zabbix Certificate.

Don’t miss your chance to get the perfect mix of theory and practice to become outstanding Zabbix administrator.

Please mind that the amount of places is limited so don’t hesitate and book your place now by contacting our sales team.

More information on training programs and location can be found at Zabbix website's “training” section.


Zabbix Professional Training in Your Region

We would like to remind that we still accept requests for on-site Zabbix training in your local region. So far we are in negotiations about two open Zabbix training sessions in Germany and Portugal for Spring. So please, feel free to contact us in case you would like to attend Zabbix training in above mentioned countries, or in your local region, or even if you would like to host the training.

All suggestions and enquiries should be forwarded to sales team.


Roadmap for Zabbix 2.0

Currently we are working on a roadmap for Zabbix 2.0, release of which is tentatively planned for Autumn of 2010 and we would appreciate very much your ideas and expectations about what should be included in the next major Zabbix release. Please feel free to email your thoughts to sales and we will carefully check them through and implement the most required and necessary ones.

If you got no time to wait and need this functionality ASAP or your desired feature is unique, there is always a possibility to apply for sponsored development. That would make your order stand first in line and your functionality could be released even earlier than you can expect. For more information on terms and conditions of sponsored development, please contact our sales team.

Please email all your comments and suggestions regarding this newsletter to [email protected]