Newsletter, January 2010

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Dear All,

The New Year has come and brought new hopes and expectations. And full of positiveness Zabbix team is ready to bring lots of innovations and improvements to you this year. But first of all, we need to do some planning and your assistance is required. More on that and other hot news in this issue...


I bet you knew that every Zabbix user has a chance to get his desired functionality or feature implemented in core version for free some day. However some users need these features as soon as possible to satisfy their business requirements. This is what the custom development service is made for and we want to remind you that it's right about time to notify us about your desired features.

Please feel free to direct your requests to our sales team and they will gladly provide you information on pricing, terms and conditions.

For more information please check Zabbix services and contact sales.


Zabbix Professional Training in Your Region

We would like to let you know that we are in planning of the training schedule for 2010. Due to growing interest in connection with release of Zabbix 1.8 we decided to organize few training sessions in Europe, South America, North America and Asia. And we would like to hear your opinion about that.

If you are interested in attending or even hosting Zabbix professional training in your local region, please email or give a call to our sales team. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

According to amount of the requests from a particular region we will choose a place for training.


Zabbix Professional Training in Riga

We are pleased to announce that we have set the date for next training session in Riga. It will be held from March 8th to 12th, 2010.

The new improved course will provide in-depth information about functionality and configuration of Zabbix 1.8 and older versions, along with hands-on workshops and exercises. Nearly half of time will be spent on practical work.

Special discounts available to Zabbix SIA customers for all Zabbix training programs.

For booking, pricing or program inquiries, please contact sales and check Zabbix training


Bringing Quality of Zabbix to a New Level

Great news for everyone. Recently we have moved to a new release procedure that would allow us to improve quality of Zabbix and make planning of future major releases much easier.

Now all improvements are implemented separately and go through a proper independent testing, and only then are merged to a branch - that is, applied to the development versions.

Following this procedure has made the trunk (development version that will become next stable version after 1.8) and the 1.8 development branch much more stable and less likely to contain software issues.

Additionally, all the changes are documented before committing them to a branch.

Please email all your comments and suggestions regarding this newsletter to [email protected]