Newsletter, March 2010

The Ultimate Open Source Monitoring Solution

Dear All,

I'm pleased to greet you this warm spring day. Nothing now gives more pleasure to me than the fact that the winter has finished, hope you share my joy. Also, the Easter holidays are approaching which mean meetings with family, friends and “stay in bed till afternoon if you want”. :) Nothing about that, but about some other interesting things in this issue...


Zabbix 1.8 Manual Translated into Russian

For the good of all Russian speaking Zabbix users the manual for Zabbix 1.8 has been translated in Russian completely. Everybody is welcome to take a look at the read on Zabbix wiki. We want to thank Aleksey Pustovalov, also known to Zabbix Community as “dotneft”, for this wonderful job he has done. All Zabbix Team appreciates that a lot and want to present him Zabbix exclusive T-shirt. Hope You'll like it, Aleksey! :)


Zabbix Professional Training in Riga, May 10-14, 2010

The next Zabbix professional training will be delivered in Zabbix SIA premises in Latvia. Zabbix Certified Specialist from May 10 to 12 and Zabbix for Large Environments from May 13 to 14. The training is dedicated to the latest version of Zabbix and will provide in-depth information about functionality and configuration of 1.8 and older versions along with hands-on workshops and exercises. Nearly half the time will be spent on practical work and at the end of the course every participant will achieve Zabbix Certificate.

Please mind that the amount of places is limited, so don’t hesitate and book your place now by contacting our sales team.

More information on training programs and premises location can be found in Zabbix website's “training” section.


Zabbix Training in Your Region (Germany, May 17-21, 2010)

After announcing Zabbix Training in Your Region campaign we have received many inquiries form different countries and currently have set the date for the training session in Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany from May 17 to 22.
The training is dedicated to the latest version of Zabbix and will provide complete overview of functionality and hands on approach to techniques of Zabbix configuration and usage of distributed monitoring approach.
Nearly half of time will be spent on practical work, and upon completion of the course attendees will receive Zabbix Certificates.
For information inquiries and registration please contact our sales team.


New Certified Partner in Czech Republic

DATASYS s.r.o. has signed an agreement on cooperation with Zabbix SIA, the company that develops the Zabbix system, a quality open-source solution for network monitoring.
DATASYS provides specialized services in the fields of IT, telecommunications and development on demand. The company's main area of focus since it was founded has been providing guaranteed services to customers at a highly professional level. These key areas are IS implementation and integration, development of comprehensive solutions for customers, customer support and outsourcing, consultation and advice.
The partnership with Zabbix SIA will enable DATASYS to offer its customers compact and very well designed solutions intended primarily for those who demand reliability and a clear presentation of discovered conditions.
For more information please see full press release.


New Reseller in France

Core IT Project, French monitoring expert company, working mainly in large environments, has signed a Reseller agreement with Zabbix SIA and now representing Zabbix to its local customers. Core IT Project got a significant experience in monitoring of large environments with many popular monitoring tools as well as Zabbix. Coming from the HP Openview world the company has implemented Zabbix in major accounts like banks, press, food industry representatives up to 1500 Zabbix Servers (the Largest French Zabbix Network).
For more information please see full press release.


Stay Tuned

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