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Dear Zabbix User!

It has been 2 months since our last newsletter. That should not mean that nothing new happened here at Zabbix, rather that we are very busy with different projects and ideas. And we are pleased to share some of those with you.

Meet New Zabbix Products

Zabbix has always been very flexible on satisfying any requests related to providing tailored professional services to our customers. But it takes time and courage to some of you to ask what Zabbix can do for you. So to make life easier for our customers Zabbix introduces several ready-to-use products.

Turn-Key Solution

Many of you have had a situation when you know you need some special software installed and working, but you are somehow busy all the time with other projects. And it is killing you.

Not with Zabbix anymore. Our Turn-Key Solution is aimed to provide you an easy and fast relief on network monitoring setup at your organization. Just visit the Turn-Key Solution page, choose the solution type that is right for you, fill-out the order form and expect results in just a few days. Without the need to study documentation and learn how to install and configure software. Just start getting the benefits in no time. All the work will be done by Zabbix engineers that perform these actions on daily basis.


Whether you are already using Zabbix or just planning a sophisticated installation, some questions may arise for which finding the right answers may take a lot of resources or the risk of finding the wrong answer is very high. Zabbix community is the first choice, but what if your question is unique or requires immediate response?

Zabbix Consulting is intended to provide you with answers to the most complicated questions. Our consultants know Zabbix better than anybody else.

More information on purchasing the service is available at Zabbix Consulting page.

Remote Troubleshooting

When you have very little resources to deal with a problem, insufficient knowledge of the topic or a situation when making the wrong step is costly, Zabbix Remote Troubleshooting is the best solution to get your monitoring system back on track and running. Just visit Remote Troubleshooting page to get detailed information.

Commercial License

Zabbix is true open source software released under the GPL version 2. Being open source gives a lot of benefits to the community, users and back to the project. But as it often happens, big benefits are leveraged by some drawbacks. Companies that are willing to combine Zabbix software with their proprietary applications for commercial distribution are limited by GPL terms. And it limits such companies' potential investments into further development of Zabbix software.

Commercial License is aimed at providing the developers of proprietary applications a legal way of using Zabbix software or parts of it for their commercial solutions, however it does not allow to close any part of Zabbix software functionality or detach any part of it into a proprietary solution.

Zabbix community in this case will benefit from a bigger cash flow into the project and thus better software, which will still be released under GPL license.

Reaching 1000 Followers Mark

We tweet about Zabbix. We try to spread the knowledge, news, ideas, success and opinion around the world. And we are pleased to know that so many of you listen to what we say.

This week Zabbix twitter account has crossed a 1000 followers mark. Any prediction for reaching 10,000 mark?

Get Your Company Logo on Zabbix Web Page

We are in the process of rebuilding the Zabbix web page. And we would be proud to show the world those happy organizations that are using Zabbix to monitor their IT infrastructure.

Your company may be big or small, commercial or public, supporting critical environments or less important infrastructures, but only your satisfaction with Zabbix software is what matters to us. If you are a happy Zabbix user, please send us a scanned copy of the signed form. But be patient, it may take some time to publish.

Follow Our Training Schedule

The interest for Zabbix professional courses grows constantly. The 2 latest training sessions in Saint Denis, France are fully booked and inquiries are still coming up! So planning in advance pays off. Please look carefully into the schedule below to get a front row seat for upcoming training sessions.

A long-awaited training session in the USA!

Yes, North America, you heard it right. Finally we plan to have an open training session in Florida at the end of January – beginning of February. The exact dates will be announced later this month on Zabbix Training page, but you may already start sending us your registration forms. Training will be delivered in English. Sorry, our trainer's Spanish is very bad.

Attend training in Bangalore, India on February 20-24!

We are very excited. There are many places in the world where our trainers have been and not just once. But this is the first time Zabbix will run a training session in India. The city we have selected is over 1000 years old and as many ancient cities, Bangalore has had many nicknames, including Pensioner's Paradise and the Garden City. Now it is better known as the Silicon Valley of India. So take this great chance and register for Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environment courses. Taking into account that the city itself is a home for almost 6 million people, be sure to act fast and register before all seats are taken.

For registration or any other questions concerning training please e-mail our Sales Team or contact us by phone.

Get training in Japanese language on February 20-24 in Tokyo, Japan!

This training session is organized by Zabbix Premium partner, NTT ComTechnology. For registration or any other questions please visit NTT ComTechnology special page.

For more information, please see Training page.

Vote for Zabbix Conference 2012 Location

The dates for the 2nd Zabbix annual event – Zabbix Conference 2012 are set. We liked the season when it is not too hot, not that cold and everybody is back from vacation a lot . So open your calendars and mark September 21-22 as busy all day long.

The discussion on Zabbix Forum about the dates we had last month turned into a discussion about the location. Keeping in mind that Zabbix partners, active community members and users are located all around the world, it was generously proposed to hold the next event somewhere else besides beautiful Latvia. We decided to give it a try. So go to this poll to see the available options and vote for your preferred location. Please do so only if you actually plan to attend the Conference at chosen location. If you have a better idea for the location and are ready to assist us personally in organizing Zabbix Conference 2012 at the proposed place, please let us know by sending an e-mail.

See Map of Zabbix Installations on Zabbix Web Page

From now on the link to the Map of Zabbix Installations is available on Zabbix web page. We want to keep the project going and continue to gather locations of Zabbix installations to grow the map.

Once again, many thanks to all Zabbix community members that have sent us the locations that appear on the map. To participate in the project, just go to Google Maps, find the location of your office or home where Zabbix is installed, press "Send" button to the left from the map and enter e-mail address [email protected].

If you find any information incorrect, pointing to the wrong place or you believe that this information should not appear on Map of Zabbix Installations, let us know by sending e-mail to [email protected].

Please email all your comments and suggestions regarding this newsletter to [email protected]

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