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Dear Friends!

Hot, hot, hot! These days in Latvia we set the new temperature records! Only those stay cool who use Zabbix to monitor their environment. Or at least Zabbix will warn them when temperature in a server room goes through the roof.

Plenty of Training Sessions in Upcoming Months

Our trainers are travelling around the world to meet your requests for Zabbix professional trainings. Please see details below.

Few weeks left before July 4-8 training in Porto Alegre, Brazil!

Some of you may know that FISL12 will take place on June 29–July 02 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. And some of you are planning to participate in this event. If so than attending Zabbix professional training is a must for you. The session will consist of two courses – Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environments.

Training will be delivered in English and will be conducted by Alexei Vladishev, founder and CEO of Zabbix.

Midsummer training on July 18-22 in Saint Denis (Paris), France!

Summer is a vacation time! Or at least a time to distract from routine. Taking part in Zabbix professional training may do the trick. While obtaining knowledge about Zabbix for your professional life, you may get some rest in Paris street cafés at evenings and get some coffee with croissant early in the morning.

Training will be delivered in English and will be conducted by Rihards Olups, the author of a popular book on Zabbix.

July 25-29 in Hamburg, Germany!

Did you know that Hamburg is the eighth-largest city in the European Union and the eighth largest port in the world? Do not believe it? See it yourself while attending Zabbix training session end of July. In addition to these records there are many beautiful places and cultural events to combine with getting professional knowledge on installing, configuring, managing and tuning Zabbix for small and large environments.

Training will be delivered in English and will be conducted by Rihards Olups, Zabbix certified trainer and experienced consultant.

Get training in the Japanese language!

This is a call for all users from Japan. Our Premium partner, NTT ComTechnology, organizes Zabbix professional training session on August 29 - September 2 in Tokyo, Japan. For registration or any other questions please visit NTT ComTechnology special page.

Catch two flies with one swat on October 3-7 in Riga, Latvia!

It always feels so good when you are able to accomplish several tasks in a single effort. Or on a single trip. Therefore we have decided to hold Zabbix Training session right after the Conference for those who are willing to save time and minimize travel expenses.

Both Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environments courses will be held at Zabbix office. It may seem like a faraway date, but please note that demand for this training is very high. So register for the course in advance.

For registration or any other questions concerning training please e-mail our Sales Team or contact us by phone.

For more information, please see Training page.

An Update to Zabbix Conference 2011 Page

We are happy to let you know that we have plenty of new information about conference location, accommodation and prices, directions and agenda published on Zabbix Conference 2011 page.

We have selected Tallink Hotel Riga as our best choice for holding a conference and accommodating our delegates. Special group rate of € 59,00 per night was agreed with the hotel. Please visit conference page to obtain more information.

Note! Zabbix Professional training will take place right after the Conference.

Call for Papers

Starting from the day we have opened pre-registration for the Conference, many of you have sent us ideas, proposals and possible topics to consider for the Agenda. We would like to acknowledge that all these topics with gratitude are considered for the Agenda of the upcoming event.

But as we progress with Zabbix Conference 2011 planning, we are officially announcing 'Call for Papers'.

If you have knowledge to share, experience to teach, know-how to explain, you are welcome to propose your report for Zabbix Conference 2011 Agenda.

Conference agenda will consist of up to 7-8 sessions each 40 minutes long. Some sessions will split into 2 fast tracks each 15-20 minutes long for short reports, other sessions will be devoted in full to some major topics.

When submitting your paper, please clearly state your name, name of the topic, report duration time. Attached report can be in any popular format. You may start with submitting an extract and a plan of your report first to discuss it with us.

Please submit the final copy of your report by August 1, 2011 when 'Call for Papers' will be closed. This will give us sufficient time to get acquainted with reports, to provide our feed-back to presenters and to select the best reports to be presented during the Conference.

Please submit all your questions, comments and reports to [email protected].

June's 'Most Wanted' - ZBXNEXT-20

We have started this new initiative last month by announcing ZBXNEXT-1 as the 'Most Wanted' of the month. Regardless of the fact that the price of ZBXNEXT-1 did not come even close to what FBI offers for No.1 criminals :), we were not able to collect the required amount. But we are really appreciating the support of those persons/companies that had sent us proposals to sponsor this feature development. We hope we may turn to you again if we progress up to required amount.

Someone would expect us to stop this initiative right after the first month. But we think this is why our wish list (ZBXNEXT) is in place. So this month the 'Most Wanted' feature is ZBXNEXT-20. The cost of 'catching' this feature is € 3900.00. And we already have the first sponsor with $500.00.

For those new to this idea this is how it works. If you are ready to sponsor this month 'Most Wanted' feature development, just drop us an e-mail with the amount you are ready to pay (ex., € 10.00; $ 50.00, £100.00 etc.), most comfortable way to arrange the payment (wire transfer, PayPal etc.) and how do you see the feature development (your ideas, proposals, drawings etc.). If during one month we receive sufficient sponsor support, we will notify sponsors about this fact and will ask them to make a payment. After receiving required amount from sponsors, the development should start within 2 weeks.

How to make a feature you lack the 'Most Wanted' feature for the next month? Just visit ZBXNEXT section, submit your feature request or find it among already submitted and vote. That is so easy.

If due to any reasons you have missed our previous newsletter and you still would like to vote for ZBXNEXT-1, feel free to e-mail us your amount you are willing to sponsor.

Take a Look at the Map of Zabbix Installations

We are happy to present you with the Map of Zabbix Installations to you. We hope that this is just a beginning of the on-going project and it will continue to grow along with Zabbix.

Many thanks to all Zabbix community members that have sent us locations that appear on the map. We still continue to collect data, so go ahead and participate at any time by going to Google Maps, finding the location of your office or home where Zabbix is installed, pressing "Send" button above the map and entering e-mail address [email protected].

If you find any information incorrect, pointing to the wrong place or you believe that this information should not appear on the Map of Zabbix Installations, let us know by sending e-mail to [email protected].

Please email all your comments and suggestions regarding this newsletter to [email protected]

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