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Dear Friends!

We’ve been very busy here at Zabbix lately and have much great news to share with you! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for regular updates, but if you don’t visit social networks very often then you have a chance to catch up by reading through this newsletter. Enjoy!

Shaping Up Zabbix Services

Zabbix Monitoring Solution is getting more advanced with every new release. While demand for Zabbix professional services gets higher, there are also constant requests for new services.

To accommodate growing needs of our customers, we have introduced 2 new services.

Integration Services

Updated information, including redesigned Service description, its benefits, pricing and application process is now available at Zabbix webpage.

Please visit Integration Services page to obtain detailed information.

Template Building Services

A brand new service provides Zabbix customers with a comfortable, cost-efficient and secure way to start monitoring customer's unique devices in no time according to the specification complexities and monitoring system requirements of the organization.

For more information, visit Template Building Services page.

Update on Zabbix Conference 2012!

It is only 5 weeks left before Zabbix 2nd annual conference will gather together about 150 professionals from all over the world. While we are pleased to see many delegates from the previous event registering, there is plenty of fresh blood as well.

We are kindly asking those planning to take part in Zabbix Conference 2012 to register now to allow us sufficient time for application processing. Constant monitoring of incoming applications (Host: Conference; Item: New_Application) allows us to predict there might be a shortage of places (capacity planning?) if not for the Conference itself, but for social events, which this year promise to be even richer than before.

Our Bravo to Sponsors

While more companies are expected to support upcoming event, there are already 2 bronze sponsors on our list: Miracle Linux Corporation and SRA OSS, Inc.

Please contact Zabbix Conference team to find out how your company may benefit from becoming a sponsor!

Enriching Agenda

For us, things are never perfect. And there is always plenty of room to make the Conference better.

Now those few blank presentation slots are being occupied. Takanori Suzuki, Principal Engineer at Miracle Linux Corporation, will show a rough image of Zabbix architecture and explain how to extend Zabbix capabilities with several practical examples. Rihards Olups, Senior Consultant at Zabbix, will present during the conference as well.

+ Zabbix 2.0 Training

We know you were waiting for this announcement. So we could not fail on it.

We are happy to let you know that Zabbix 2.0 training session will be held directly after the conference. It will be hosted in Zabbix office from Monday, September 24 till Friday, September 28.

While it is based on the structure of the training for Zabbix 1.8, it is especially redesigned to cover all the new developments, improvements and technics introduced in Zabbix 2.0 version. It will consist of two standard training courses: Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environments, and will be delivered by founder and CEO of Zabbix, Alexei Vladishev.

Take this great chance to attend Zabbix Conference 2012 while getting professional Zabbix 2.0 training at one trip. Register online or contact sales in case of questions.

Hear Us at Red Hat TechForum at Helsinki

Zabbix was invited to give a speech at Red Hat TechForum that will take place in Helsinki, Finland on August 27, 2012. Rihards Olups, Senior Consultant at Zabbix, will give a presentation at 15:50 called "Zabbix - The Enterprise-class Monitoring Solution for Everyone", telling about Zabbix software and its benefits.

See more at Upcoming events section on Zabbix webpage.

Meet Zabbix at ITpro EXPO

Zabbix has confirmed its participation in ITpro EXPO to be held in Tokyo, Japan on October 10-12, 2012. A presentation by Mr. Kodai Terashima, Zabbix support engineer, devoted to streamlining and cost reduction of system monitoring process by using Zabbix, will be held on October 11th in the seminar room of the exhibition hall. The seminar will cover:

  • the main functions and features of Zabbix, which lead to efficient and low-cost monitoring and reduction in operational costs
  • road map to the next major Zabbix version.

Everyone is invited to visit ITpro EXPO, to join Zabbix seminar and to get information and updated news on Zabbix developments and accomplishments straight from the horse's mouth!

Please check Upcoming events section of Zabbix webpage for more information!

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