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Dear Friends!

Summer is coming to an end, but here at Zabbix things are just starting to warm up. With less than a month left till Zabbix Conference 2012 we have prepared some news for you that we hope will bring some sunshine to your day.

Gold Support by Red Hat

Zabbix is very proud to announce that Red Hat has become a Gold Sponsor of Zabbix Conference 2012. Representatives of Ret Hat will be giving presentations during Zabbix Conference 2012, which you can read about in the official Agenda.

Welcome Our Bronze Sponsors

We would like to thank NTT ComTechnology and TIS Inc. from Japan for becoming our two Bronze Sponsors for Zabbix Conference 2012. We highly appreciate the support of such important Japanese market representatives and would like to invite all of you to come and hear the presentations from the above mentioned companies.

Training in Riga after the Conference

Sign up for Zabbix 2.0 training, which is just a month away. The session will be held directly after the Zabbix Conference 2012 in Riga, Latvia. It will be hosted in Zabbix premises on 24th-28th of September.

Whether you are attending the conference or simply can’t wait to get training on Zabbix 2.0, now is the best time to sign up for the course. The training format stays the same, two standard training courses: Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environments. Lucky you if you choose to attend as the training will be delivered by the founder and CEO of Zabbix, Alexei Vladishev.

PhpZabbixApi – New Project

Here at Zabbix we really appreciate when our community members take the initiative and create projects related to Zabbix Monitoring Solution. One of Zabbix users, confirm IT solutions GmbH, have introduced a project called PhpZabbixApi, which is a PHP library for the Zabbix JSON-RPC API.

The application consists of two major parts, a Library and a Builder. The PhpZabbixApi Library is an easy-to-use PHP library/class for the Zabbix JSON-RPC API. And the PhpZabbixApi Builder is a fully automated PHP script to build your own library (language-independent) for the Zabbix JSON-RPC API.

Visit the Third Party Tools section on our website for more information about the project and link to download the above mentioned app.

If you got inspired by confirm IT solutions GmbH, and have your own projects you would like to put forward, then don’t hesitate, let us know and we will do our best to support your project.

Zabbix is Silver Sponsor of LDS

Zabbix has become a Silver Sponsor of Latvian Network School (LDS), one of the major IT-related events in Latvia. This year it will be the 30th jubilee session, with above 130 attendees expected, and it will take place in Baltic Beach Hotel, Jurmala, Latvia, on 28th-29th of September 2012.

LDS was first introduced to promote advanced information and communication technologies and exchange the experience in implementing IT projects and the latest developments in related industries. Since then it has grown into a large scale networking event, where many representatives from local and foreign IT companies gather to present the latest developments and hottest trends in IT field.

Zabbix Company will be represented by its founder and CEO Alexei Vladishev, who will give a presentation about the company, the latest Zabbix 2.0 version and the benefits that businesses get by using Zabbix Monitoring Solution. We kindly invite everybody from the region to participate in this event.

Overview of Red Hat Event in Helsinki

Thank you to all those people who came to listen about Zabbix in Red Hat TechForum in Helsinki. We were glad to see that so many of you are interested in Zabbix Monitoring Solution and we were pleased with the amount of questions.

In the near future there will be an article on Zabbix blog about Red Hat TechForum with more detailed description and impressions of the event.

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