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In this issue find out more about our experiences at Zabbix France Meeting 2012 that took place last Thursday, December 6th, at the Embassy of Latvia in Paris; about our new partners in Japan and our upcoming plans for Zabbix Professional Training in 2013!

We would also like to announce that our next and last newsletter of the year 2012 will be out on Friday, December 21th. The upcoming issue will be Christmas-related, so make sure you do not miss it!


Meet New Zabbix Partner from Japan!

Zabbix Japan LLC has signed a partnership agreement with FocusWEB, a system integrator and cloud service provider from Saitama, Japan.

FocusWEB is an expert in system integration services and has experience in consulting, design and implementation of monitoring systems for its customers with advanced redundancy, such as communication companies and system integrators.

By becoming a Zabbix Reseller, FocusWEB will benefit from providing Zabbix professional support and services to its customers that would better than ever match their IT environment specifics, complexities and needs.


Impressions from Zabbix France Meeting 2012

Last week the Zabbix France Meeting 2012 event was successfully completed and we are happy to share our great experience with all of you!

More than 40 representatives of companies from France took participation in the event held at the Embassy of Latvia premises in Paris. All attendees, including the representatives of Zabbix SIA – Alexei Vladishev (founder and CEO) and Sergey Sorokin (Director of Business Development), gained incomparable impressions and experience from this one of a kind meeting.

We were very pleased and honored to see such a big and sincere interest about Zabbix Monitoring Solution from our existing, as well as potential partners and customers. So, for the Zabbix team it was twice as important to make sure that this conference-type of event was held on the highest professional level possible. Hopefully we managed to do that and are looking forward to our next event of a kind!


Enhance Your Qualifications in 2013!

Have you already looked through Zabbix professional training schedules for 2013? If you really wish to enrich your knowledge about Zabbix and make the most of Zabbix software, then Zabbix courses are exactly what you need. As a result of attending Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environments courses you get more than just a certificate - you become an expert in the basic and advanced functionalities of Zabbix Monitoring System.

According to our trainees, the knowledge and qualifications you get from our expert consultants during the face-to-face courses is priceless:

“I have learned some details and tricks that you won't find in the manuals. There was plenty of time for questions and comprehensive answers, so it was easy to understand.” Akihiro Takaya, ProgMind Inc., Japan

“I was able to update my knowledge in basic Zabbix functionality. I also could access some information I would not have learned without going to the training.” Fumiki Matsuda, Future Architect, Inc., Japan

“The training was very helpful and we look forward to taking it again in the future. Venue was great and instructor was excellent.” Jon Conley, Plateau4, USA

For more testimonials, please click here.

Training Schedule

Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia    
Organized by: Zabbix SIA Language: Russian Trainer:
Aleksey Pustovalov
Certified Specialist 21 - 23 January 2013 Apply
Zabbix For Large Environments 24 - 25 January 2013 Apply
Osaka, Japan    
Organized by: Zabbix Japan LLC Language: Japanese Trainer:
Kodai Terashima
Certified Specialist 23 - 25 January 2013 Apply
Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany    
Organized by: Zabbix SIA Language: English Trainer:
Rihards Olups
Certified Specialist 28 - 30 January 2013 Apply
Zabbix For Large Environments 31 January -
1 February 2013
Tokyo, Japan    
Organized by: Zabbix Japan LLC Language: Japanese Trainer:
Takashi Fukushima
Certified Specialist 20 - 22 February 2013 Apply

More detailed information on Zabbix Professional Training courses can be found on the Zabbix training page.

IT sneak-peak

Referencing item values in graph titles [ZBXNEXT-1]

Zabbix developers are making the final preparations before releasing one of the most requested new features: the ability to reference item values in graph titles. This improvement will allow to use standard {host:key.func(param)} macros in the title to display the last, average, minimum or maximum value of an item. For instance, you can use a macro like {Cisco switch:ifAlias[{ Port001}].last(0)} to display the alias of an interface. Very handy!


Enjoy the Latest Article on Zabbix Weblog

Those who read the previous Zabbix Newsletter already know that on November 28th we announced our two lucky winners of the autumn Facebook contest called ”Zabbix Explorer 2012”. So now, we would like to present to you the recently published article on Zabbix Weblog, describing and presenting the complimentary prizes for our inventive Explorers – Patrick Fouquet and Adam Knight.

Read the article here and once again congratulations to the contest winners!

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