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Dear Friends!

We have prepared some news about upcoming trainings and exhibitions, new partnership and our Zabbix page on Facebook! Enjoy reading our latest newsletter.

Facebook meets Zabbix!

Finally we decided to no longer ignore Facebook. As we hope Facebook does not ignore Zabbix solution neither :)

So we are happy to let you know that from now on you may find all the latest information, news, and announcements about upcoming events and future plans, as well as our recent photo albums on Zabbix Facebook page. This page will be less official than our web page, so you may expect some unordinary stuff to appear on it.

Feel free to "Like" our FB page and we promise to keep you interested and updated! If you have any Zabbix related news to share on our Zabbix FB page, just send us a link.

Getting Stronger in Japan

We continue to succesfully conquer Japanese corporate market. More companies everyday adopt Zabbix Monitoring Solution. This is closely interconnected with Zabbix partners and community in Japan taking active steps to promote the use of Zabbix among all industries of economy. And we will get even stronger, as just recently a partnership agreement between FitechForce, Inc. and Zabbix was signed.

FitechForce, Inc. is a well-known expert in delivering and implementing robust, secure and cross-platform web application solutions and cutting-edge cloud technology for financial sector companies across Japanese market. It is an international company with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and subsidiaries in the USA and Russia. Among FitechForce customers are well-known banks, investment funds, brokerage and insurance companies. From now on FitechForce will have the Zabbix Monitoring Solution on their product list, which will enable them to deliver an even better service to their customers.

So give a warm welcome to FitechForce and lets expect even more banks and insurance companies from Japan joining pool of Zabbix happy users.

Study all over the World

We are all around the world with Zabbix professional training sessions: Europe, Asia, North or South America. So what is your excuse for not taking Zabbix training this time? Read further to find a location that fits you best. Australia? Just submit your location and we'll do our best.

Hurry up for 20-24 February training in Tokyo, Japan

Quick reminder that the next training session in Japanese language will start in just 5 days.

The session is organized by Zabbix Premium partner, NTT ComTechnology. Learn basics and get advanced level of knowledge on Zabbix in your native language.


Awake from winter sleep in Riga, Latvia on 26-30 March!

This is an abnormally cold and snowy winter for many European countries. And we get more and more impatient waiting for arrival of spring along with its sunshine and next professional training session. Attend both Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environments courses in Riga, while having a chance to see Zabbix office and meet our team. We will be happy to see you joining us on a short tour of Riga and to introduce you to Latvian national food.

Complete this application form to register online. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Learn with a smile in Porto Alegre, RS/Brazil on 9-13 April

For all our South American readers we are happy to announce that there will be training in Porto Alegre, organized by our Certified Partner UNIREDE. As usual, there will be two courses: Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environments. Training will be delivered in Portuguese and is open to anyone interested in the course. At the end of the training all the participants will get an official Zabbix Certificate.

Porto Alegre is also called „Cidade Sorriso” the Smile City. We think that in the city with such name learning will be more productive. Smiley teacher, smiley students and more knowledge of Zabbix is waiting for you in Cidade Sorriso.

For more information on training and registration please visit Unirede company web page.

Aproveite seu treinamento na ensolarada Porto Alegre!

Tranquility and concentration on training in Bangalore, India on 16-20 April

Good news! We now know the final dates for Zabbix Professional Training in Bangalore. As mentioned before, we had to postpone the training due to some unplanned circumstances. Those of you, who signed up for the training earlier this year already got a confirmation with the new dates and time.

This training will contain Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environments courses, both will be delivered in English by Rihards Olups, our experienced trainer and author of the book on Zabbix.

The session will be held in Bangalore, one of the modern and busiest cities, which is also known to be a "silicon valley" of India. Nevertheless  it has another side with its ancient architecture and monuments, and is often called the "Garden City". Like any other town in India it provides tranquility to people and creates conditions for concentration, wouldn't it be a great place to get training? :)

Please register for this session online or contact our Sales Team for more details about the upcoming training.

CeBIT 2012 is Calling

In less than a month CeBIT 2012 is going to treat us with the newest products, latest developments and long-awaited presentations of the digital industry.

We look forward to seeing all of you at Zabbix stand in CeBIT pro section, Hall No.6 Stand D08. You will have a chance to personally meet our leading sales, development and consulting specialists so don't miss your opportunity to get personal advice and recommendations from them.

If you want to schedule a meeting with one of our specialists during CeBIT 2012, please email us on [email protected].

Please email all your comments and suggestions regarding this newsletter to [email protected]

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