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What's Next

Is there life after the release of Zabbix 2.0? Actually, even more than before! We are very enthusiastic as we are getting ready for the next step – Zabbix 2.2. And this is the best time for you to shape this future release and to demand a specific feature that can improve efficiency of monitoring within your unique IT infrastructure. To include your specific feature for guaranteed development, please follow instructions on Development Services page. You may also vote for your favorite features on the ZBXNEXT to be included in next releases of Zabbix.

Announcing Agenda

It is always important to know what is ahead before saying "yes". As the list of Zabbix Conference 2012 speakers is set and approved, which means the agenda is all bright and clear, what is your excuse not to register for this must-be event! There are nine external speakers coming from around the world to share their experience with practical issues of using and developing around Zabbix. Members of our team, including Alexei Vladishev, Founder & CEO, will also deliver presentations about the future of Zabbix, best techniques, and upcoming features.

See official agenda of Zabbix Conference 2012 with the list of speakers and topics.

Hands on Zabbix 2.0

Zabbix 2.0 screenshots were recently published on our product page. Those should provide you with some insight into the latest features, the new look and improvements. However, those of you who prefer to get their hands on the new version and test it out, now may download the Zabbix 2.0 virtual appliance. Get a personal "playground" in just a few minutes. Your computer will be able to handle the job just fine. With easy to understand instructions even an intermediate IT user will be able to set this up.

Safe to Upgrade to Zabbix 2.0

It is now two weeks since the release of Zabbix 2.0. At this point it seems that none of you had any major problems with upgrading your current installation to Zabbix 2.0. We have received a lot of positive feedback from the community and our customers.

So if you are ready to upgrade, please follow the easy step-by-step instructions found in Zabbix documentation (Upgrade procedure and Upgrade notes). However, if you are not sure whether you are capable of going through the upgrade process by yourself, you may contract Zabbix to do the work. More information is available on Upgrade Services page or by contacting Zabbix sales team, which will make sure that you get the assistance you need.

Catch Up Summer Training if You Can

We would like to remind you that there are training sessions in Danbury (USA), Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), Porto Alegre (Brazil) and Tokyo (Japan), which are planned for this summer. There are still few places vacant for each location, so if you are in the area and would like to take the course of Zabbix Professional Training, visit our training page for more information and online registration. Alternatively, send us a message, we’ll be glad to help.

Course titleDateLocationAvailability
Certified Specialist11 June 2012 - 13 June 2012Danbury, CT, USARegister
For Large Environments14 June 2012 - 15 June 2012Danbury, CT, USARegister
Certified Specialist16 July 2012 - 18 July 2012Newcastle upon Tyne, UKRegister
For Large Environments19 July 2012 - 20 July 2012Newcastle upon Tyne, UKRegister

Language: English

Certified Specialist18 June 2012 - 20 June 2012Porto Alegre, RS/BrazilDetails
For Large Environments21 June 2012 - 22 June 2012Porto Alegre, RS/BrazilDetails

Language: Portuguese

Certified Specialist6 August 2012 - 8 August 2012Tokyo, JapanDetails
For Large Environments9 August 2012 - 10 August 2012Tokyo, JapanDetails

Language: Japanese

Welcome New Zabbix Partners

ALDABA Servicios Profesionales

ALDABA Servicios Profesionales (ALDABA) is a professional IT services company from Spain. Its main working area is design, deployment and support of complex IT environments. After being a Zabbix Reseller for over 3 years ALDABA decided to become a Certified Partner of Zabbix Company.

By becoming a Certified Partner, ALDABA will benefit from the ability to provide support services to its customers directly, thus having an even closer contact with them, not to mention a higher status and tighter cooperation with Zabbix.

ARK Systems Co., Ltd.

ARK Systems Co., LTd., system integration company from Japan, which specializes in system & operation management, and IT system construction, is a new reseller of Zabbix. By becoming Zabbix Reseller, ARK Systems will gain back-end technical support by Zabbix and will be able to offer reliable services that meet customer needs, as well as resell official Zabbix support.

MATRICS Communications

MATRICS Communications (MATRICS) is an IT service provider from France with offices in Toulouse, Lyon and Paris. The company’s main focus is on automation, ITSM and BSM, IT information library and measurement of service quality (monitoring) of information systems.

Being a reseller of Zabbix will enlarge the list of clients for MATRICS and will raise their position across French and Moroccan markets.

Zabbix Quiz Results

After several sets of questions about Zabbix Monitoring Solution on our Facebook page we are proud to announce that the "Zabbix Nerd Spring 2012" quiz has gathered 83 Zabbix followers and our true fans.

While all of you were very active and responsive to the "Zabbix Nerd" quiz, none of the participants have managed to provide correct answers to all of our questions. However, there were two obvious quiz leaders, who were the most active, savvy and enthusiastic. So we are very proud to announce the happy winners of "Zabbix Nerd Spring 2012". And the winners with 4 correct answers are:

Todd Blake and Michael Männicken

We are kindly asking Todd and Michael to contact us with address details where small prizes will be shipped. Huge thanks to all who took part in Zabbix Quiz! Continue to follow our newsletters – very soon we will introduce a new competition!

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