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Dear Friends!

We are still working hard on developing Zabbix to meet all the very different needs and requirements of our customers and community. Below is a short update on recent developments.

KDE Akademy 2012 in Tallinn

Zabbix is a proud sponsor of KDE Akademy, the annual world summit of KDE, one of the largest and influential free software communities in the world.

This year KDE Akademy will take place in the Estonian IT College in Tallinn, Estonia, from June 30th to July 6th. The Akademy features a 2-day conference with presentations on the latest KDE developments, followed by 5 days of workshops, birds of a feather and coding sessions. Rihards Olups, Zabbix Senior Consultant, will be giving a lightning talk about Zabbix and the features available in Zabbix 2.0 on Sunday, July 1st.

New Zabbix Partners

Please welcome new Zabbix partners from Tokyo, Japan and Caracas, Venezuela. Zabbix is very proud that such high profile companies will be representing Zabbix in Latin American and Japanese markets.

BSP Incorporated (BSP), as an independent company, develops, sells and provides support for software aimed at providing efficient management of system operation. BSP provides a wide range of IT services and its main product is A-Auto, a system operation automation tool, in the market for more than 30 years. BSP signed a Certified Partnership agreement with Zabbix SIA and now the company plans to include Zabbix with each license of A-Auto. Such an addition to A-Auto will enable customers to go away from hardware servers and locate their monitoring servers in the cloud.

Tecnologia OVMC, C.A. is an IT service provider from Caracas, Venezuela. The company’s core competences are IT system architecture, telecommunications, program development, VoIP, and IT security. Moreover, it is a vendor of network and storage devices. The company professionals have extensive experience in open source software implementation and migration projects with the inclusion of Zabbix. After working with the Zabbix product for several years, Tecnologia OVMC has decided to become a Reseller Partner of Zabbix.

Tecnologia OVMC is a well-known company in the Latin American market. Both corporate and government sector organizations are among their customers. By being an official reseller of Zabbix, Tecnologia will be able to sell official Zabbix support, integration and implementation services to their customers. Having such a popular brand in the monitoring world on their product list will place Tecnologia OVMC even higher in the IT service market in Latin America.

FitechForce to Speak Chinese and Korean Now

FitechForce, Inc is a Certified Partner of Zabbix SIA that specializes in the delivery of software to financial industry. The company is providing the Zabbix product and original support services to companies in Japan. Many of those customers take advantage of the global human resource market and locate their subsidiaries and outsourcing partners offshore, in South Korea and China. Therefore, there is an increased demand for Zabbix support, localized for those countries. To fulfill this request, starting from June 20, 2012 FitechForce will start providing Zabbix support in Chinese and Korean languages.

Visit Our Office

There are 3 months left before Zabbix Conference 2012. We are thankful to many of you who have already registered for this great event. Places are still available, so go ahead, and register now.

Zabbix Conference Team continues to shape the agenda to make this event as complete as possible and deliver maximum value to all the participants. We thought many of you would be interested in visiting the Zabbix office to meet our team members, discuss future plans or just have a cup of tea or coffee. Our doors will be open to all interested on Thursday, September 20th, and Monday, September 24th, from 10:00 to 16:00.

If you would like to meet a specific Zabbix team member, please let us know by indicating the person, topic and preferred time. We are looking forward to meeting you at our office!

Zabbix Loves Raspberry Pi?

We are not sure, yet. We like the idea and the product, but will it be a good match?

In collaboration with our potential partner from UK, Observe IT, we have started to test the performance of Zabbix proxy on Raspberry Pi. We had a small entry in Zabbix blog about getting familiar with the device. The real tests are to be performed in the upcoming weeks, including the tests of Zabbix server on the same device. We will let you know about our experience.

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