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Dear Subscribers!

As always, in this newsletter we are going to get you familiar with the most recent Zabbix news and activities. Also, this time we would like to introduce to you our new section, called “IT Sneak-Peek” - 100% dedicated to Zabbix software development process and improvements. Fresh news directly from our developers!

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One Video Better than 10 Slideshows

It’s been a while since the successful completion of Zabbix Conference 2012. A couple of weeks ago we already published the conference speakers' presentation slides and the event photo gallery, but now we are glad to introduce to you the conference videos with all the speeches, as well as a Zabbix Conference 2012 promo video that explores the inside feeling of the past conference.

All videos can be viewed and commented on the recently established Zabbix YouTube channel. Please feel free to “like”, “share” and add the videos to your “favorite”. You are also welcome to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know about upcoming videos!

Help Us Build Zabbix Video Collection

Know a good video on YouTube talking about Zabbix Monitoring Solution? Let us know and we may mark it as "Favorite" for all the other watchers of the Zabbix YouTube channel!

Johokobo, Inc. is a New Certified Partner

We are proud to announce that Johokobo, Inc. from Japan is a new Certified Partner of Zabbix SIA. Johokobo, Inc. deals with leading-edge products from foreign communication industries and provides high quality network operation solutions including their support.

Since the company’s establishment in 1992, Johokobo provides unique additional value by means of after-purchase services. These services include customization, training and technical support. Being a Zabbix Certified Partner, Johokobo will provide high quality installation and support services.

Training in Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Have you already noticed the new information on upcoming training published on our homepage a couple of weeks ago? If this is new to you, then get ready to pack your pens, notepads and laptops and make sure you have registered for the upcoming Zabbix Professional Training in Virginia Beach, VA, USA. The training will take place on December 3-5 for Certified Specialist and on December 6-7 for Large Environments. Both courses will be taught by Rihards Olups (richlv).

Recent Blog Entries

Did you know that several articles were posted on Zabbix Blog by Richlv, dimir, and Pavels recently? For those who missed those announcements on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, take a look at these posts:

Every time Zabbix has some important news to share with you about events, software updates, introduction of features or functionality, our team posts an article. So stay tuned and make sure you check our blog for upcoming entries!

Want to Become an IT Spy?

To let you come closer and see what's going on in the Zabbix “kitchen”, we are introducing to you a new section called the "IT Sneak-Peek". In every newsletter issue we'll let you know what Zabbix devs are “cooking” at this very moment, so you'll know how tasty the next release is going to be in terms of features, functionality and options. Enjoy!

IT sneak-peak

Automatic database patches

One of the new important features in Zabbix 2.2 version is automatic database upgrading. Currently, in order to upgrade the database to a later Zabbix version, one is required to manually apply all of the SQL patches. With the new feature, a database will be automatically upgraded when starting the upgraded Zabbix server or proxy. For more technical details have a look at the specification.

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Zabbix always cares about your opinion and suggestions in response to every little step we make. It is more than six years now, since Zabbix has launched its Newsletters. From time to time the content and design has been changed to keep it interesting and modern. And today we want to know your opinion about our newsletters.

What should be improved, modified, dismissed or introduced in new issues? While it is impossible to guarantee the perfection of the newsletter content for each of you, as we all are very different and unique, we are ready for your feedback regarding content, frequency, format or anything else. Just send us your comments and suggestions by email. We’ll do our best to make our newsletters even more focused on your expectations and interests!

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