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Dear Subscribers!

In this issue you will not only find information on Zabbix services and upcoming training, but also get an insight into a newly developed Zabbix feature (represented in the recently introduced “IT Sneak-Peek” section) and take on the adventure of the autumn contest on Zabbix Facebook channel!

Plan Ahead

Prior and proper planning of the next steps and goals is the key for good business management. If you already plan your activities for the next year, then make sure you put the upcoming Zabbix Professional Training on Zabbix 2.0 in your “To-Do” List! The training will take place next year in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany from January 28th until February 1st. To register for one or both of Zabbix professional courses, please click on the link provided in the table below:

Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany  
Organized by: Zabbix SIALanguage: EnglishTrainer: Rihards Olups
Certified Specialist28 - 30 January 2013Register
Zabbix For Large Environments31 January - 1 February 2013Register

Make It Your Way

Zabbix is a universal monitoring tool with plenty of features and options to support very different IT environments. But still there is the possibility that you may be missing some important functions that could make your everyday work much easier. Did you know that you may contract Zabbix to develop functionality that you are missing?

It is as easy as 1-2-3. Go to our Development Services page, fill in a request form, agree with Zabbix on the scope of work, cost and delivery dates and expect delivery according to the schedule. It may be faster and easier than you thought. And there are plenty of benefits of doing so:

  • your everyday life will become easier, thus leaving more time to focus on other important things;
  • requested functionality will be supported in upcoming releases;
  • you will be directly involved in the development of the best monitoring solution;
  • your functionality can make somebody else's life much easier as well.

Visit our Development Services page to learn more about the application process and prices.

Take It Easy

Introducing a major solution like Zabbix within your organization requires some preparation and … courage. So why not get an insurance for your Zabbix project? By purchasing Zabbix Technical Support, our customers may be assured that they will get direct access to Zabbix experts’ extensive experience in solving a variety of day-to-day issues in a timely manner. Our professional team of engineers will advise you and assist you in solving issues related even to the most complicated setups. And there are 5 support tiers to choose from, which are tailored for customers with different needs and levels of involvement.

And to make it even easier, we have improved the application process a lot. Just send us a quote request, get familiar with the Terms & Conditions of Technical Support service delivery and agree to those by making a payment. No need to send signed agreements back and forth. The service will become available to you right after Zabbix receives the payment.

IT sneak-peak

Screen Shading

Screen shading is an improvement to flicker-free screens, recently introduced by Zabbix developers and now available in the Zabbix 2.0 version. If a screen element fails to update due to problems on the server side or slow network connection, it will be shadowed to indicate that the data on the screen are out of date. The newly implemented feature makes it easier to notice outdated information on the screen.

Zabbix Autumn Contest

It’s been a while since we successfully completed the previous Zabbix Facebook "Zabbix Nerd" contest with two winners – Todd Blake and Michael Maennicken. Now it’s time to introduce to you our new autumn contest on Zabbix Facebook channel, called “Zabbix Explorer”.

Contest Terms & Conditions

Starting from today, each Wednesday and Friday we will publish one question about Zabbix on our Facebook channel. The scope of the questions combines all Zabbix-related areas and the answers can be easily obtained, depending on 1) how well you are familiar with Zabbix products, services and company activities; 2) how good & enthusiastic an explorer and hunter for the right answers you are .

Hint! All answers can be found on Zabbix website. Read between the lines to find the right website page that will lead you to the answer.

To participate, please leave a comment on the Facebook channel under the corresponding question. There will be 8 questions in total. To win, provide the correct answers to all questions. The winners will be announced on November 28th by awarding the title of "Zabbix Explorer" and complimentary prizes from Zabbix.

We wish you all good luck!

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