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In this issue of Zabbix Newsletter we introduce you to the company’s recent social and business activities. We have recently signed partners from Belgium and Japan, we have upcoming Zabbix training for trainers and trainees, and of course the freshest news from Zabbix development team in the “IT Sneak-Peak” section.


Zabbix Spreads Its Social Networking with Google+

As requested by a number of regular Zabbix customers and active online users, we have finally begun our social activities on Google+. Now you can follow Zabbix latest news and events not only on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels, but also become one of our fans on Google+.

All of the recent information on Zabbix social events, blog articles, Newsletter issues, partnership activities, IT developments, new software releases and updates – all these and much more are now available on the most popular streaming online social channels! Please welcome and feel free to join and become a member of any or all these channels!


Zabbix Conference 2013

We all know that the time passes by very quickly, but the time until the next Zabbix yearly Conference will run even faster. And now we are happy to announce that the dates for Zabbix Conference 2013 are finally set! The next big event will take place on September 6-7, and it’s just the right time for all of us to decide where we would like to go for Zabbix Conference 2013.

This time, we want to make it even more interesting, exciting and enjoyable for our guests and honored participants. So stay tuned for the next Zabbix Newsletter to find out more.


Zabbix New Partners

Secure IT bvba, Belgium

Zabbix SIA has signed a Reseller agreement with the Belgian company, Secure IT. Secure IT’s main specialties are Network Security, IT Security Audit, Firewall UTM implementations, Network Access Control, Fortinet products and 2-factor authentication. The company knows that there is no single product (software and / or hardware) that can solve everything. That is why Secure IT invests heavily in know-how.

By signing a Reseller agreement with Zabbix, Secure IT was granted permission to get a demand on Zabbix services and gain benefits from its distribution on the assigned market.

Three West Inc., Japan

Zabbix Japan LLC and West Three Corporation have signed a Certified Partnership agreement. West Three Corporation is a Japanese company that focuses on communication networks and deploys a wide range of services such as server and network design, technical assistance, installation, device-management assistance services, solution proposal, website building / support and others. West Three makes a contribution to the customers’ profits by providing them 24x365 safe and secure IT services.

Using Zabbix, West Three Corporation has started monitoring services on the cloud called Fukuro Kanshi, which is designed for customers to improve their service level. Users of Fukuro Kanshi can protect important resources, establish satisfactory progress and get a safe and secure system.

IT sneak-peak

CacheSize Limit Increased to 2GB [ZBXNEXT-1600]

When running a large-scale Zabbix installation the standard cache size limit of 1GB might just not be enough. That's why we've decided to increase the limit of all proxy and server CacheSize parameters up to 2GB. This feature is already available in Zabbix 2.0.5 and the trunk.


In Anticipation for Zabbix New "Soon To-Be" Certified Trainers

On February 18-22 at Zabbix SIA HQ in Riga, Latvia, Zabbix will host its second Professional Training courses for Trainers. Professional Training for Zabbix Trainers is an exclusive offer, provided by Zabbix to its official partners. After the 5-day course completion, the candidates will be examined and then certified with an official Zabbix Trainer Certificate and their represented companies will automatically become Zabbix Training Partners, giving the right for further hosting of Zabbix Professional Trainings.

Stay tuned on our further announcements on “newly born” and “certified” Zabbix Professional Trainers, and follow up the information on all Zabbix scheduled trainings in your home country, or other countries around the world.


Zabbix Professional Training

Upcoming Professional Training for Applicants from Russia

In less than 2 weeks, from February 25th until March 1st, Zabbix SIA is organizing its two Professional Training courses in Russia, Novosibirsk that will be held by Aleksey Pustovalov.  Aleksey is an experienced Zabbix user, support engineer and Certified Trainer. Hear what our ex-trainees and now “Certified Specialists” are saying about their experience from Zabbix professional courses and our expert consultants:

“The training was very useful for us. Me personally, I’ve learned a lot of a new about Zabbix and managed to systemize the knowledge I already had. I would like to express a special thanks to Aleksey Pustovalov! The most important is that the training has dispelled all our doubts about the need of implementation and run Zabbix as our primary IT monitoring.” Valerij Meljnikov, Leading Engineer of Network Management Services, TatAISneft Ltd., Tatintek.

If you would like join one or both Zabbix Professional Training courses in Russia, then please feel free to process your online application.

Professional Training Courses in Brazil

If you are from Brazil and would like to join the group of trainees at Zabbix professional training, then we are glad to announce that the courses will take place in Porto Alegre from March 18th until March 22nd, organized by Zabbix Premium Partner - Unirede Soluções Corporativas. Both training courses i.e. “Zabbix Certified Specialist” and “Zabbix for Large Environments” will be held in Portuguese (Brazil). Detailed information on the upcoming training is provided below:

Russian Federation, Novosibirsk    
Organized by: Zabbix SIA Language: Russian Trainer:
Aleksey Pustovalov
Certified Specialist 25 - 27 February 2013 Apply
Zabbix For Large Environments 28 February - 1 March 2013 Apply
Porto Alegre, Brazil    
Organized by: Unirede Language: Portuguese (Brazil) Trainer:
Luciano Alves
Certified Specialist 18-20 March 2013 Details
Zabbix For Large Environments 21-22 March 2013 Details

To get full information on Zabbix Professional Trainings and upcoming courses, please visit this page.

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