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Zabbix Hits SourceForge Front-page Again!

It is a big honor for us to announce that this week, starting from Monday, 29 July 2013, Zabbix was chosen among several projects to be featured on the front page of!

Zabbix was selected based on a variety of considerations, such as recent releases, interesting blog activity and other related things. So, thank you SourceForge for your flattering assessment of Zabbix project and our active development!


Few Steps Away from Zabbix 2.2

On July 18th, Zabbix company has released the second alpha version of Zabbix 2.2 – Zabbix 2.1.1! Zabbix 2.1.1 contains serious performance improvements. Make sure to test it and report any issues.

Complete Release Notes of this release are available here.


Availability of Zabbix 1.8.17rc1

Great announcement for those who are still using 1.8.x version of Zabbix. We are proud to announce the availability of Zabbix 1.8.17rc1 that fixes known issues of earlier 1.8.x versions.

Full list of bug fixes and improvements, Release Notes and download link are available here. Please feel free to try it out!


Zabbix Conference 2013

Welcome New Sponsor

We are happy to announce that Unirede Soluções Corporativas, Zabbix Premium partner from Brazil, has become a Bronze Sponsor of the Zabbix Conference 2013!

Registration Deadline is Only 3 Weeks Away!

The deadline for the Zabbix Conference 2013 registration is now almost three weeks away. For all international attendees arriving from outside Latvia, the registration will be ended on 23 August 2013!

Register now to ensure all registration and payment procedures are completed on time. The Sooner, the Better!


Zabbix at Open Source Conference 2013 [email protected]!

Just in two days, on August 2nd-3rd, 2013, Zabbix Japan LLC and Zabbix Japanese community, Zabbix-JP will take participation in the Open Source Conference 2013 [email protected] (Kyoto, Japan) – one of the largest conferences in Kansai region fully dedicated to open source products and related services.

Zabbix Japan LLC and Zabbix-JP will have a booth at the conference where representative specialists will be ready to answer all the questions and provide full information on Zabbix services provided in Japan and Asia.

More information on the conference and planned seminars devoted to Zabbix Monitoring Solution can be obtained from Zabbix Events page.


Monitor AWS and VMware vSphere with Zabbix

HyClops is Zabbix extension that allows performing automatic monitoring of services used by a customer at AWS (Amazon Web Services) & VMware vSphere. The extension uses APIs from AWS, vSphere, and Zabbix to create seamless experience and data exchange. All you need to do is to provide HyClops with your AWS or vSphere ESXi account management information. HyClops registers all hosts (for each instance) and VM information automatically.

HyClops provides the following features: automatically register EC2 instances and vSphere virtual machines in Zabbix; monitor basic instance information without Zabbix agent (using EC2 API or vSphere API); start/stop instances from Zabbix global script; display EC2 and vSphere information on Zabbix dashboard by replacing dashboard with a customized one; connect SSH console of each instances from a customized dashboard by using Gate One.

Information on solution’s architecture, installation and configuration processes can be obtained from the HyClops for Zabbix home page.

IT sneak-peak

Decrease the number of updates of the "items" table [ZBXNEXT-1689]

In Zabbix 2.0 we stored information about the latest item values in the "items" table which had to be updated with every received value. On large installations this caused a huge load on the table creating a major bottleneck. In Zabbix 2.2 we've changed the Zabbix server to store this information in it's cache thus eliminating the need for frequent database updates.


Zabbix Webinars Will Tell You More

You think you’ve learned or heard about Zabbix product and company enough to make some decisions? But it is always better to compare your knowledge with a reliable source.

Zabbix Webinars will not only help you dispel all doubts and uncertainties about Zabbix SIA Company and its flagship product, but also help you to grasp the key features and functionalities of Zabbix Monitoring Solution from knowledgeable Zabbix experts.

Currently there are 8 webinar sessions in 7 languages scheduled for the upcoming months. If you cannot find the most appropriate date and time for you to join our webinar, then make sure to check Webinar page regularly, as the list of planned webinars is updated constantly.


Learn to Work with Zabbix Efficiently

You will not find a better way to get in-depth knowledge and understanding about Zabbix scope of capabilities and its potential rather than by taking a Zabbix Professional Training. There are two courses available in the training program:

  • Zabbix Certified Specialist course – intended for those who have just begun to understand Zabbix and want to get on track fast and in the right way.

  • Zabbix for Large Environments course – designed for administrators of large enterprises and companies that use Zabbix to monitor large amounts of devices located in multiple datacenters.

Investment in attending Zabbix Professional Training pays back fast as graduates are able to manage IT environments more precisely, smarter and faster.

There are currently scheduled 45 Zabbix courses in 9 countries in total, including Brazil, China, France, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Russian Federation, South Africa and Sweden. To get full information on training description, options, prices, duration and a full list of the trainings scheduled, please visit Zabbix Professional Training Program official page.


Stronger than Ever

Last weekend Zabbix team took participation in its 2nd Team Building event that happened in the recreation complex "Rakši", which is situated in the territory of the Gauja National Park (Latvia), famous for its incredibly beautiful landscapes and many sightseeing objects.

As always, Zabbixers did not limit themselves in a good mood and entertainment activities. The Team Building program consisted of the evening soccer game, barbeque, visit to Rakši Zoo with different species of Llamas and Camels, and sauna. The next morning, when local animals and Zabbixers became true friendswe had a good run together with Llamas, were driving with Segways and quadracycles (ATV), and finally shot confidently and accurately with paintball guns in the metal buckets.

So, Zabbix team is united as always – mission accomplished!

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