Special Issue, Zabbix 2.2 - November 12, 2013

Zabbix 2.2 Released!

Zabbix 2.2 was released today and is available for download right now! Many of your most-wanted wishes, needs, desires and requirements were implemented into this latest and most advanced monitoring solution – Zabbix 2.2.

It took us 9 minor version releases, 3 betas and 2 release candidates before we finally let this complete and ultimate stable version out into the daylight. The professional team of Zabbix developers and testers spent almost 19 months on bringing Zabbix 2.2 to its final and logical conclusion so that Zabbix users could get the most advantage from the newly created or enriched features and functionalities.

Surely, Zabbix 2.2 is a great breakthrough within the field of IT monitoring! Download it now, as Zabbix 2.2 will definitely become your main driving force for great performance of your IT infrastructure.

I am very pleased to announce the availability of Zabbix 2.2.0. Let me mention just some of the great improvements we have made.

The new major release comes with a massive increase of performance. It means a significant drop in disk IO and CPU usage for existing deployments as well as a new level of scalability. Zabbix 2.2 delivers more than 3 million availability and performance checks per minute making real-time monitoring of tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices possible using a single Zabbix server.

We also implemented an out-of-the-box monitoring of VMware platforms including support of vCenter and vSphere. It takes care of monitoring and auto-discovery of hypervisors and VMs along with a nice handling of migration of VMs across different hypervisors. The functionality uses native VMware API for the best possible performance and reliability.

The release introduces support of loadable modules that allow independent developers and community members to create high-performance modules for extending the monitoring capabilities of Zabbix. It is another step in making Zabbix a truly modular system on all levels of its architecture.

Please have a look at the release notes for the complete list of new features and improvements. I am sure you will find something of your interest regardless of how you use or plan to use Zabbix.

Congratulations to the Zabbix team, the respected partners, users and our very friendly and enthusiastic community!

Alexei Vladishev, Founder and CEO, Zabbix SIA

What’s New in Zabbix 2.2

Zabbix 2.2 introduces more than 100 new features and improvements, which will make your life easier. Performance improvements will allow you to collect more indicators more frequently, thus delivering better monitoring of your IT infrastructure.

Here is just a short list of important features that are introduced in Zabbix 2.2:

  • VMware virtual machine monitoring. VMware virtual machine monitoring allows monitoring VMware vCenter and vSphere installations for various VMware hypervisor and virtual machine properties and statistics. Zabbix can use low-level discovery rules to automatically discover VMware hypervisors and virtual machines and create hosts to monitor them, based on pre-defined host prototypes. The default dataset in Zabbix offers several ready-to-use templates for monitoring VMware vCenter and vSphere. Read more

  • Performance improvements that include, but are not limited to, faster proxy data sending; value cache on server; proxy and server processes reusing more data from configuration cache instead of querying the database; multiple timer processes; cached global regular expressions; reduced database load when evaluating trigger expressions containing user macros; improved indexes on all supported databases. Read more

  • Improved web monitoring. Web monitoring scenarios can be attached to templates. This is useful when there are many webservers or pages to be monitored. It is now possible to specify HTTP proxies individually for each web monitoring scenario. Content can be extracted from one page and reused in another – for example, session IDs can be used this way. Read more

  • Loadable modules. Modules for data collection – in addition to using custom scripts a module can be used in Zabbix agent, server or proxy daemon to collect data. It can be compiled in or loaded in runtime. Read more

  • Extracting content from log files, plain text files and webpages. It is now possible to extract content from log files, plain text files and webpages. For example, error or session count from log file entries can be extracted using regular expressions. Read more

  • Support of internal checks for proxies. Internal checks are now supported for Zabbix proxies. This allows monitoring things like cache usage, proxy buffer and process busy states to fine-tune and troubleshoot Zabbix proxies. Read more

  • Notifications on unsupported items, unknown triggers. Starting with Zabbix 2.2 a new concept of internal events is introduced. The benefit of having internal events is that users can configure actions based on these events, similarly to actions based on trigger events, and receive notifications for unsupported items (unsupported LLD rules, unknown triggers). Read more

  • Filtering improvements – a severity filter in maps; ability to exclude host groups in dashboard and filtering of overview by application. Read more

  • Automatic database upgrade. Starting with 2.2.0, Zabbix server and proxy will automatically upgrade the database - manual SQL patch execution is not required anymore. Read more

The complete list of all features and functionalities introduced in Zabbix 2.2 can be found on the official Zabbix Documentation page. 

Complete Release Notes, including installation and upgrade instructions, compatibility information are available here.

Don’t Wait, Upgrade!

After learning all the benefits of Zabbix 2.2, you have already decided to upgrade from your previous version to Zabbix 2.2, but simply do not feel secure about upgrading it yourself? We can always assist you in this matter!

With our upgrade services you can be sure that the system upgrade to Zabbix 2.2 will be delivered in the most suitable, convenient and, of course, professional way, providing you with perfect and expected results in the shortest timeframe, with minimum downtime and minimum risk of data loss.

To order upgrade services by Zabbix, please submit your request on the Upgrade Service page.

Webinars on Zabbix 2.2

Starting from this Thursday, November 14th, Zabbix company together with its trustful partners are launching live “What’s New in Zabbix 2.2” webinars to introduce you to the novelties and improvements of the latest Zabbix release. During these webinars we will cover the most interesting features that are introduced in Zabbix 2.2, as well as will answer all of your technical questions.

This week webinars will be held in 3 different languages: English, Russian and Spanish. The participation is completely free of charge, however prior online registration is required!

Join a webinar on Zabbix 2.2 now – a 1 hour session may change your approach to IT monitoring for 360° for good! Register here.

Professional Training Courses on Zabbix 2.2

To get a more in-depth, accurate and detailed training on the newly launched major Zabbix release, we encourage you and your team to join the Zabbix Professional Training courses! Zabbix training promises you a more scrupulous approach to the study of Zabbix 2.2, guaranteeing you the most in-depth understanding and knowledge about Zabbix 2.2 under the strict guidance of the leading Zabbix training specialists.

Our training schedule is regularly updated with new dates and destinations. So, if you are interested in gaining knowledge directly from the leading Zabbix experts and, as a result, learn to work with Zabbix at its most advantage, then Zabbix Professional Training is the place to be for you and your team!

Share This News with Your Colleagues!

As you all know, Zabbix has always been and, of course, remains all about the community! We grow because we share. So, to move on in the same positive way, please help us share the news about Zabbix 2.2 release with your colleagues, customers and partners and help them grow and develop.

There are several ways of how you can tell the world about the new Zabbix software release – Zabbix 2.2. The easiest ways you can do it:

  • by posting a short message onto your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or any other social platform you use or reporting our messages
  • by placing a Zabbix 2.2 banner on your webpage, blog, forum, etc.
  • by publishing on your webpage, blog, forum or other sources or sending to your media contacts a ready-made Press Release about Zabbix 2.2 
  • by trying out Zabbix 2.2 yourself and writing an article or blog about your experience.

Please share with others about the achievement that we have created together!

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