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Sixth Alpha Version of Zabbix 2.2 Is Out!

Last week Zabbix team released the sixth alpha version of Zabbix 2.2 - Zabbix 2.1.5! This release is not yet feature complete and does not fully represent the expected 2.2 version, though it introduces major features along with numerous improvements.

One of the biggest features that 2.1.5 introduced is a hierarchical structure for global scripts. You can now organize your scripts into sub categories that will be displayed in separate pop-up menus.

Network discovery has been improved so that hosts discovered on different proxies will be always treated as different hosts. This allows to perform discovery on the same IP ranges used by different subnets.

A friendlier trigger expression parser allows to omit optional parameters in trigger functions. For example, trigger function “last(#1)” can be written as “last()”; “last(#1,1h)” - as “last(,1h)”.

Complete Release Notes of Zabbix 2.1.5 are available here.


Zabbix SIA Presenting at LDS

This week Zabbix will take part in LDS, the Latvian Networking School (Latvijas Datortīklu Skola) – a big public event in the field of information and communication technologies, organized each year in Riga, Latvia.

LDS 2013 will take place this Friday and Saturday, on September 27th-28th. On the second day of the event, Rihards Olups, Senior Consultant at Zabbix SIA, will do a live demo on Zabbix Monitoring Solution.

Get more information here.


Presentations & Photos from ZabConf 2013 Published

All featured presentations, along with photos from the recent Zabbix Conference 2013 are now available for you on the official conference page.

For more details on the experience, impressions and emotions the conference guests had during the event, please read our recently published blog post on Zabbix Weblog, called “Zabbix Conference 2013 “Zabbix Conference 2013 – We Did It Our Way!”, that describes and shows the most interesting, intriguing and funny moments.

Stay tuned for upcoming videos!


News & Articles About Zabbix

There were several interesting articles about Zabbix published online in the last couple of weeks.

Two of the articles in Russian are available on (in Russian) – one of the largest Russian online communities of people working in the technology industry. The first article is about endurance and capabilities of Zabbix software, the other one – about automating network monitoring with low-level discovery (LLD).

The other two articles, published on Joinup, a European Commission site, are telling about the use and benefits of Zabbix Monitoring Solution in the industries of medicine and education, namely in the Medical University of Vienna, Austria and in the Dansk BiblioteksCenter (DBC).

To read more articles and publications about Zabbix product or company, please visit In the Press page.

IT sneak-peak

  Hierarchical menu structure for global scripts [ZBXNEXT-1786]

If you're actively using scripts for managing your monitored devices you will be glad to hear that Zabbix 2.2 will offer a new way to organize these scripts. You will now be able to create a hierarchical script structure and organize them in various categories. Scripts placed inside a category will be displayed in an additional pop up menu on the monitoring pages


Approaching Zabbix Training in Italian & English

The next Zabbix Professional Training sessions are scheduled in Torino, Italy and Amersfoort, the Netherlands. The training will take place starting from Monday, October 7th and both will cover two courses: Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix for Large Environments.

You can still register for any of the mentioned courses that will be held in Italian or English. Please use the registration links, provided below:

Torino, Italy
Organized by: Quadrata di Bellini Dimitri Language: Italian Trainer:
Dimitri Bellini
Certified Specialist 7 - 9 October 2013 Details
Zabbix For Large Environments 10 - 11 October 2013 Details
Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Organized by: Zabbix SIA Language: English Trainer:
Janis Jaunbalodis
Certified Specialist 7 - 9 October 2013 Apply
Zabbix For Large Environments 10 - 11 October 2013 Apply

Information about other scheduled training sessions can be found here here.


Attend a Webinar in Russian

Tomorrow’s Zabbix webinar will be held in Russian and presented by Alexei Vladishev, founder & CEO of Zabbix SIA. So, if you speak Russian, then make sure to register for this session, as what can be more valuable in terms of gaining knowledge about Zabbix, than to get it from its creator?

Register now for free and join our tomorrow’s session! Or check out the full list of Upcoming Webinars in other languages.

Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 11:00 MSK/GMT+4 (Moscow)
Zabbix Monitoring Solution – Обзор системы
Duration: 60 min Speaker: Alexei Vladishev, CEO
Zabbix SIA, Latvia
Certified Partner
Language: Russian Organized by: Zabbix SIA

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