January 22, 2014

Zabbix Names Five New Partners

Two New Resellers in Japan

Zabbix Japan LLC has recently signed Partnership agreements with two new Resellers in Japan: Plat'Home Co., Ltd. and System Support Inc.

  • Plat'Home Co., Ltd. serves customer needs completely from helping to introduce the Zabbix solution included in Zabbix Enterprise Appliance to operation after introduction.

  • System Support Inc. provides system integration services with a focus on the original Cloud Kobo brand, which contains services utilizing AWS (Amazon Web Service).

First Zabbix Certified Partner in Kyushu District in Japan

Zabbix Japan LLC has signed Certified Partnership agreement with Q-DEN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Co.,Inc(QBS). QBS core business is to develop, operate and support mission critical systems for electricity business, which require high stability and reliability.

By becoming Zabbix Certified partner, from now on QBS will expand its solution using Zabbix, which can be customized easily and has a lot of functions, to be more responsive to clients' needs.

Newly Signed Resellers in the UK and Iran

Zabbix SIA is proud to announce the recently established partnership relations with two companies:

  • Nebulas – the UK’s largest independent cyber security specialist.  The company offers the technical expertise, in-depth market knowledge and outstanding service and support to meet today’s security challenges.

  • SadidAfarin (SACO) – a company in Iran that operates in Information Security Market and is focused on delivering Open Source professional solutions and services to the customers.

For complete list of Zabbix partners, please visit this page.

Support Development of ZBXNEXT-104

Zabbix team invites you all to support development of the project – ZBXNEXT-104, Switch Trigger to OK State Based on Acknowledgement. Development of this feature will provide an option to resolve a problem based on acknowledgement. For example, a log entry about a detected problem would have to be acknowledged before trigger could return to OK state.

If you find ZBXNEXT-104 useful, then you may support its development by pressing "Contribute to this project" in the list of Zabbix active projects. Currently it is funded for 10% from the total required amount.

Please refer to this page for more details on ZBXNEXT-104.

Explore Zabbix Customers & Users

We are pleased to introduce you to a new Zabbix user from the United States – Bodybuilding.com. Bodybuilding.com was established in 1999 and it is now the largest online sports nutrition company in the world and has been recently ranked the No.1 most visited bodybuilding and fitness website.

Please visit Customers & Users page or see our Map of Zabbix installations for more companies and locations around the world that use Zabbix.

New "User" daemon configuration parameter [ZBXNEXT-453]

It is sometimes useful to be able to run Zabbix daemons as a specific user instead of the current one. To allow that, we've added a new "User" parameter to the Zabbix server, agent and proxy configuration files. If this parameter is set, running a daemon as the root user will actually run it as the user specified in the configuration.

Soon To Be Trainings

Please have a look on the upcoming Zabbix Professional Trainings and register if these are suitable for you:

Porto Alegre, Brazil
Organized by: Unirede
Language: Portuguese Trainer: Luciano Alves
Certified Specialist 27 - 29 January 2014 Details
Zabbix For Large Environments 30 - 31 January 2014
Kortenberg, Belgium
Organized by: Open-Future
Language: English Trainer: Patrik Uytterhoeven
Certified Specialist 10 - 12 February 2014 Details
Zabbix For Large Environments 13 - 14 February 2014 Details
Turin, Italy
Organized by: Quadrata
Language: Italian Trainer: Dimitri Bellini
Certified Specialist 10 - 12 February 2014 Details
Zabbix For Large Environments 13 - 14 February 2014 Details

For other trainings in different languages and locations, please have a look on the Training Schedule – there are currently planned 46 training courses in 5 countries: Belgium, Brazil, France, Italy and Japan.

Upcoming Webinars

Make sure to join tomorrow’s webinar on Zabbix Monitoring Solution that will be held in Italian by one of Zabbix partners, Dimitri Bellini from Quadrata di Bellini Dimitri.

The next upcoming webinar session (in Italian) will take place in two weeks, so if you want to hear how to tune your Zabbix for better performance, then please feel free to register.

Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 16:00 GMT+2 (Rome)
Zabbix Monitoring Solution - panoramica di sistema
Duration: 60 min Speaker: Dimitri Bellini, CEO,
Quadrata di Bellini Dimitri, Italy, Reseller
Language: Italian Organized by: Zabbix SIA
Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 16:00 GMT+2 (Rome)
Tuning di Zabbix per le migliori performance
Duration: 60 min Speaker: Dimitri Bellini, CEO,
Quadrata di Bellini Dimitri, Italy, Reseller
Language: Italian Organized by: Zabbix SIA

Contact Sales

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Japan: 03-3582-5388
E-mail: [email protected]

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