June 11, 2014

Latest Zabbix Releases

Second Alpha Release of Zabbix 2.4

We are happy to announce the availability of Zabbix 2.3.1 - our second alpha release of Zabbix 2.4 thus taking us a step closer to our final release of Zabbix 2.4!

Zabbix 2.3.1 comes with more advanced WEB application monitoring among an array of other changes and is ready for download and testing. For more details, please read the complete Release Notes.

Zabbix 2.2.4rc1 Release Candidate

On the 10th of June we have announced the availability of Zabbix 2.2.4rc1 (Release Candidate). The release fixes known issues of Zabbix 2.2.x and introduces new minor features. Zabbix 2.2.4rc1 is now available for download. For more details, please read the complete Release Notes.

Participation in Interop Tokyo 2014 Exhibition

As of today, on June 11-13, we will take part at the Interop Tokyo 2014 exhibition, where the founder and CEO of Zabbix, Alexei Vladishev as well as representatives of Zabbix Japan LLC and Zabbix Certified Partners from Japan will introduce Zabbix Monitoring Solution products and services.

Interop Tokyo 2014 is one of the biggest Network computing events in Japan with more than 140, 000 participants attending.  We are honored to be a part of it and we are already excited to meet you at our booth No. 6J04.

Make the Right Decision at Zabbix Conference 2014!

If you are intrigued in using Zabbix in your company, then here is your chance to get all the answers to your questions – we encourage you to join the Zabbix Conference 2014 that takes place on September 12 – 13 in Riga, Latvia and use this opportunity to see for yourself the possibilities that Zabbix Monitoring Solution can offer. Go ahead and Register Now.

Join Zabbix Conference Team at Nike Riga Run & Relax at Riga Zoo

After intense thinking and sitting during the 2-day Zabbix Conference 2014, we encourage you to join us at the biggest charity sports event in the Baltics - Nike Riga Run. Taking place on September 13-14, in the tree-covered part of Riga city, the event offers an opportunity to participate in the running distance of 10 km or if you would rather prefer to enjoy the sights and regain strength without the strain – you may choose the 10 km distance of pleasant Nordic walking.

If after the Nike Riga Run, you will still have some energy, then you can continue to spend your leisure time at the Riga Zoo, located nearby. September has been chosen as the month for our Zabbix Conference to take place not by accident – autumn is the time for new opportunities and skills, as in the autumn you may see the young generation of Riga Zoo animals learning the ways of life along with more than 3000 animals of 405 species.

Zabbix Professional Training Scheduled Straight After the Conference

Why not stay and use this opportunity to enjoy Latvia for a little longer, and contribute to the knowledge gained during the conference by participating in the Zabbix Certified Specialist and Zabbix Certified Professional training courses, which are scheduled right after our conference (September 15 – 19).

Training will be held in English by Alexei Vladishev, Zabbix SIA Founder & CEO. Find more details and Register Here.

Riga, Latvia
Organized by: Zabbix SIA Language: English Trainer: Alexei Vladishev
Zabbix Certified Specialist 15 - 17 September 2014 Apply
Zabbix Certified Professional 18 - 19 September 2014 Apply

Do not miss out on the chance to learn some great features and best practices!

Conference Infographics

Still not convinced? Then we urge you to have a look at our Conference Infographics. It summarizes the biggest International event dedicated to Zabbix monitoring solution - Zabbix Conference 2014, uniting the greatest minds in the IT industry from all over the world, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Expanding Partnership Network in Japan

We are excited to announce that Zabbix Japan LLC has signed Certified Partnership agreement with Serverworks Co., Ltd, a cloud integrator specialized for AWS installation and support service, holding the largest track record providing AWS installation services to more than 180 Enterprise companies throughout Japan.

Find out more about Serverworks and recently established partnership by reading our Press Release.

Improved URL screen elements [ZBXNEXT-734]

In Zabbix 2.4, URL screen elements have received a couple of improvements to make them more flexible. They now support macros in the URL field on both global and host screens. And, to take this a step further, URL elements can now be made "Dynamic", which will allow you to quickly switch between the displayed pages depending on the host.

New Zabbix Certified Specialists and Certified Professionals!

Getting Ready for World Cup Brazil 2014

What have Pontevedra, Spain and World Cup Brazil 2014 in common? Zabbix is the answer, as we have just completed the Zabbix Professional Training of the new Certified Specialists and Certified Professionals that took place in Pontevedra, Spain, on May 26 – 30, which will be responsible for overseeing and monitoring the operation of the broadcasts from the World Cup Brazil 2014, using Zabbix Monitoring solution.

Zabbix Professional Training in Spain

Graduation of Zabbix Professional Training Course

We are also proud to announce that the number of Zabbix Certified Specialists keeps growing every week, as the latest participants have graduated the Zabbix Professional Training in Riga, Latvia, on May 28.

Zabbix Professional Training in Latvia

Check out our Training Schedule and sign up, and you can be the next to become Zabbix Certified!

Zabbix Professional Training Around the World

Zabbix Professional Training sessions will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil (in Portuguese) and for those of you speaking Italian, you have a chance to participate in the Zabbix Certified Specialist and Certified Professional training event in Turin, Italy (in Italian) on 7 – 11 July, organized by our partner Quadrata di Bellini Dimitri.

There are still few seats available, so if you are interested in any of the above mentioned trainings, please register here.

Free Webinars in English, German and Italian

We are glad to inform you about three upcoming Zabbix webinars. Scheduled webinar sessions will cover the following topics: "Zabbix architecture and key features" (in German) and "How to tune your Zabbix for better performance" (in English and German).

Keep a lookout for more free webinars, covering various themes on Zabbix Monitoring Solution and held in vast amount of languages. Take your pick!

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