November 26, 2014


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Zabbix Conference 2014 Japan

Zabbix Conference in Japan is over and this was a fantastic event for us and the attendees, sharing knowledge and experience.

This year's event brought together close to 200 participants who participated in 13 sessions sharing Zabbix use cases, best practises, info on related solution and more.

Zabbix Conference 2014 in Japan

We what to thank our honored speakers and sponsors who helped to make this possible.

Relive Zabbix Conference 2014

If you missed out on Zabbix Conference 2014, here is your chance to experience this year's conference once more!

Refresh your memories or, if you were unable to visit our conference this year, see what you have missed, as we have published the videos of all the presentations at Zabbix Conference 2014 Agenda page and on our YouTube channel.

Partnership with IBM

Thanks to our partnership with IBM, Zabbix running on a POWER8 server turns into a high performance monster, capable of monitoring tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices in real-time, delivering a great level of scalability out of the box.

Perfomance improvements [ZBX-8542]

Zabbix 3.0 already has gained a noticeable performance boost compared to 2.4. A new hashing mechanism allowed us to dramatically improve the time of evaluating trigger expressions and reduce the amount of configuration cache locks during this process.

Sourceforge Project of the Month

We are nominated for the Project of the Month, January at the biggest Open Source directory in the world -!

The winner will be determined by votes of the community. You can join too!

Articles & Presentations About Zabbix

There were several interesting materials about Zabbix published online in the last couple of weeks.

View the slides we presented at the OSMC 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany overviewing interesting use cases of and the improvements in latest versions of Zabbix, available on slideshare.

Two articles in Russian are available on (in Russian) – one of the largest Russian online communities of people working in the information technology industry. The first article is about successful implemenentation of Zabbix, with automation of most processes, and the second about low-level discovery: Zabbix + Communigate Pro: low-level discovery and account monitoring.

Are You Zabbix Certified?

Zabbix Professional Training is one of the key tools of how you can gain the most professional and advanced knowledge about Zabbix software within the shortest time.

Zabbix training sessions are taking place every week in different countries and cities worldwide, being presented by the leading Zabbix experts. Please follow our training schedule, which is updated regularly, and apply for the most convenient training course for you!

Brasilia, Brazil
Organized by: Vantage TI Language: Portuguese Trainer: Vinicius Murmann
Zabbix Certified Specialist 2 - 4 December2014 Details
Zabbix Certified Professional 5 - 6 December 2014 Details
Rio de Janeiro, Brazi
Organized by: Unirede Language: Portuguese Trainer: Thiago Melo
Zabbix Certified Specialist 8 - 10 December 2014 Details
Zabbix Certified Professional 11 - 12 December 2014 Details

Take Part in Free Webinars

Zabbix Webinars are another great opportunity to enhance your knowledge and understanding of Zabbix software and its capabilities.

Join the leading Zabbix specialists who will not only share their expertise with you, but also will answer your questions live.

Participation in webinars is completely free of charge, so you are welcome to join!

Share Your Story

We invite you to participate in our “Zabbix Story” winter contest for a chance to win great prizes!

Do you have an interesting story involving Zabbix? Share your experience with us, by simply emailing your story to [email protected] with the subject line "Zabbix Story". We’ll pick our favorite to publish on our weblog and the author will receive a prize in true Zabbix style.

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