Special Issue - Zabbix 2.4

Zabbix 2.4 Is Now Released!

Zabbix 2.4 was released today and is available for download. The latest release of Zabbix Monitoring Solution that was built for your needs & requirements, featuring all of the most desirable and expected functionality and improvements!

Zabbix Monitoring Solution is the world’s leading enterprise-level open-source monitoring software that supports wide variety of architectures, capable to monitor hundreds of thousands of devices and to make millions of availability and performance checks per minute.

Zabbix 2.4 - the latest version release of Zabbix – introduces over 50 new features & improvements aimed to automate and simplify your everyday monitoring tasks.

Alexei Vladishev

I am very excited to introduce the availability of Zabbix 2.4. We continue our tradition of improving performance and implementing the most requested functionality and this release is not an exception - we implemented 4 of Top5 most requested features. In addition to that Zabbix 2.4 comes with numerous of other improvements making maintenance and routine tasks much easier with great level of automation even if you have tens of thousands of devices to monitor with millions of metrics and millions of triggers.

For those who never used Zabbix, I'd like to urge you to try. Spend some time understanding Zabbix concepts and you'll be surprised how powerful Zabbix monitoring is!

Alexei Vladishev, Founder & CEO, Zabbix SIA

What’s New in Zabbix 2.4

Here is just a short list of new features and improvements that are now available in Zabbix 2.4. Complete Release Notes, including installation and upgrade notes, are available here.

  • Defining multiple filters for low level discovery

The filter section in low level discovery rule definition now allows to define several filters and add custom calculation rules between the filters. This is useful for anyone who needs to parse more than one tree of values to get entities that they need. For example, you may now filter entities by both file system type and mount point - useful for organizations with Solaris zone deployments.

  • Specifying custom headers for web monitoring

You may now monitor picky web applications by utilizing ability to specify custom headers for HTTP requests. This way it is possible to monitor availability and performance of APIs based on JSON, XML/SOAP and other protocols.

  • New operators for trigger expressions

The list of supported operators in trigger expressions has been complemented with new operators >= (greater than or equal), <= (less than or equal) and logical NOT. Using the new operators will make it easier to build trigger expressions that handle ranges with no gap and no overlap.

  • Improved action condition flexibility

Similarly to what is now available for low level discovery filters, custom calculation rules are now also available for action conditions, complementing the previous set of and/or conditions.

  • Creating ad-hoc graphs easily

With this feature you may create a graph, showing CPU load on all cluster servers or comparing queries per second with user sessions with just a few clicks.

  • Including LLD generated graphs in screens

In Zabbix 2.4 it will be possible to include low-level discovery generated graphs in screens in a completely automated fashion.

  • More details about unsupported items

Zabbix passive and active agent protocols have been extended to provide more details about unsupported items. Instead of generic error messages, the agent now provides more specific information on why each item has become not supported and these messages are visible in the frontend for easier debugging.

  • Ability to remove resources missing in XML file

Updating templates and hosts will now be easier with the new option of removing anything that is not present in the imported XML.

For full and detailed information on what’s new in Zabbix 2.4, please visit this page.

Upgrade to Latest Release You’ve Waited For!

Zabbix 2.4 is the most convenient and user-friendly Zabbix release that will make your daily monitoring tasks easier and quicker, so we suggest you not to wait and upgrade your old version of Zabbix software to Zabbix 2.4!

There are two ways of how you can process your upgrade to Zabbix 2.4:

  • by doing it yourself and with own internal sources. It can be a good choice, if you are 100% sure that your IT specialists completely know Zabbix from within and there is absolutely no risk for you to lose any crucial data, or to have an unexpected major downtime that may cost you a fortune;

  • by using Zabbix professional upgrade service. In this case, our IT experts with years of experience working with Zabbix will provide you with a professional upgrade procedure to Zabbix 2.4, guaranteeing safe and fast migration with a minimum downtime of Zabbix server. Moreover, you will be provided with an expert advice on how to tune your existing Zabbix configuration in order to improve its performance. Upgrade service can be delivered remotely or on-site.

Order your Upgrade Service by submitting this Price Inquiry Form, or by contacting Zabbix Sales team for further assistance.

Free Webinars on Zabbix 2.4

To help you to get acquainted with the Zabbix 2.4, we invite all of you to join our free webinars, presented in different languages by the leading Zabbix professionals, including Alexei Vladishev, Founder of Zabbix Monitoring Solution and CEO of Zabbix SIA, who will give you the best and the most detailed explanation and vision about the benefits and potential of Zabbix 2.4.

Furthermore, if you have any questions related to Zabbix 2.4, which we’re sure you do, you have a great chance to ask these questions live and get instant answers that will clear any doubts you might have on whether Zabbix 2.4 is right for you or not.

Apply for the Zabbix 2.4 webinars now, as now we have a high volume of registrants, who want to visit our free sessions on the latest Zabbix release.

Share This News with Associates!

Zabbix 2.4 is the monitoring solution made for you and for your convenience, which, of course, was possible only because of honest and constant support from Zabbix users, partners, clients and Zabbix community members, who shared their thoughts and ideas on the most wanted and needed features & improvements for Zabbix 2.4. And we made it! Zabbix team made Zabbix 2.4 for you!

So, now we invite you all to share this great news about release of Zabbix 2.4 and let others to find out about software’s useful features and great potential.

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We are truly grateful for all of your involvement in the sharing of information about Zabbix 2.4!

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