August 17, 2015


New Zabbix Releases

The final versions of Zabbix 2.0.15, 2.2.10 and 2.4.6 are available for download. To find out more be sure to read the Release Notes, and learn about new functionality and features.

Packages for CentOS, Debian, RedHat and Ubuntu are coming soon!

Fun Fact
Be ready to experience something exciting soon, as we are currently putting all our efforts in the 1st alpha of Zabbix 3.0 LTS!

Last Chance to Register for Zabbix Conference 2015

Don’t miss a great chance to broaden your horizons - there are only 5 days left until the registration deadline for Zabbix Conference 2015!

Be part of our journey through powerful speeches, creative ideas, advantageous knowledge, fun events and gifts that you will remember for a long time!

Feel free to invite your partners, colleagues and friends to share the experience, and do not forget to register!

Get yourself acquainted with the biggest number of creative ideas and powerful speeches in the history of Zabbix conferences.

Our Sponsors

Undoubtedly, the scale and success of Zabbix Conference 2015 is strengthened by our honored sponsors, who continue to support us throughout the years:

Silver Sponsor – Unirede Soluções Corporativas
An experienced company delivering technology solutions to growing businesses, providing services in IT infrastructure, training, support and strategic management.

Silver Sponsor – NTT Com Solutions
NTT Com Solutions gives full support for every stage of ZABICOM Operations - from initial consultation, installation, to system operation.

Silver Sponsor - Allenta
Allenta delivers professional services related to large scale system development, administration and integration, including design, deployment, maintenance, support and advice.

What Else Awaits

Our conference is filled with new experience and things to learn, however we haven’t forgot to have fun, as we have prepared completely different and unexpected entertainment events for you.

Expanding Reach of Zabbix Services

We proudly announce our new reseller Upkeep Technologies, a New York based company that provides a wide range of IT services and solutions to businesses of all sizes and environments.

Smartvalue has joined our Certified Partners family, enhancing their customers’ experience with Zabbix services and solutions.

It's Time to Become Zabbix Certified

Enrich your experience and stay a bit longer after the conference and continue to grow with Zabbix Professional Training, taking place on September 14 – 18, in Riga.

As our training sessions take place all over the world, you are welcome to choose the most suitable location for you by visiting Zabbix Training schedule.

Learn More with Zabbix Webinars

Join our upcoming Webinars and enrich your knowledge. The best way to get the answers to your questions quickly and explicitly is to ask them, LIVE!

Visit our upcoming Webinar Schedule and select the webinar which suit you best.

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