November 17, 2015


New Zabbix Releases

Yet again we are one step closer to the release of Zabbix 3.0, today presenting Zabbix 3.0alpha4.
Download and give it a try! Now, with even more features available!

Get acquainted with latest versions of Zabbix 2.0.16, 2.2.11 and 2.4.7 ready for download and upgrading.
Read our Release notes to see an overview of improvements.

Here is another overview of some of the features expected in Zabbix 3.0:

Windows service discovery [ZBXNEXT-1368]

Discover Windows services automatically, with the new low-level discovery item "service.discovery".

Per-process CPU utilization monitoring [ZBXNEXT-494]

Now it will be possible to monitor CPU utilization of a specified process. The new item is called "proc.cpu.util" and is available on Linux and Solaris platforms.

Dependencies between trigger prototypes [ZBXNEXT-1229]

While defining trigger dependencies has been a Zabbix feature for a long time, it was not available in low-level discovery. In 3.0, you will be able to configure dependencies of a trigger prototype.

Meet Zabbix at Events!

This November we are engaged back to back in many impressive events!

We have just taken part in one of the biggest Russian IT events – HighLoad++. 2000 participants, outstanding venue, inexpressible emotions, pleasant meet-ups and hundreds of valuable contacts!

Zabbix Conference Japan 2015

Meanwhile, Zabbix team members in Japan are preparing with all their might for the annual Zabbix Conference Japan 2015! In less than a week more than 200 people will gather in Tokyo to share their experiences about Zabbix.

Informative case-studies and demanding topics along with a joyful time spent with Zabbix community – that’s what this conference is all about!

There's more!

OSMC (November 16-19) – a conference in Nuremberg, Germany, dedicated to open source monitoring systems, where Zabbix Certified trainer Wolfgang Alper from our partner IntelliTrend GmbH will talk about the potential of Zabbix 3.0.

Meet us at Paris Open Summit (November 18-19) – a massive worldwide IT event, where you can visit the Zabbix booth and talk to our specialists and local partners.

DevTernity (December 1) – this year we will be sponsoring one of the biggest IT events in the Baltics, gathering the most prominent software developers. Do not miss the presentation of our founder and CEO, Alexei Vladishev, with a speech on the power of Zabbix in problem detection & resolution.

Calling All Zabbix Fans in US

We are looking forward to organize the first Zabbix meet-up in New York, USA!

Let us talk about Zabbix future with the upcoming Zabbix 3.0, discuss topical matters and simply have a great time together with our Technology Evangelist, Vladymir Ulogov.

We encourage you to apply and express your interest about the meetup or suggest us the best location for the event in our forum thread! We'll be glad to hear from you!

Connected to the World

We are proud to see yet another leap forward in the reach of Zabbix services!

OneOaaS, a Chinese open source solution provider, now will offer Zabbix services to its clients, as it has recently become our Reseller partner.

Xiaotong HongZhi, a successful network products distribution company from China, found the best solution with Zabbix services, ensuring their clients with high quality network support and maintenance.

Achieve More, Become Certified!

Explore Zabbix to its fullest and reach new heights by attending Zabbix Training sessions! Featuring the first training session in Singapore (held in English), taking place on November 23-27.

Give yourself a boost in efficiency becoming Zabbix Certified.

Get Answers with Webinars

Join our Webinars in fall, and have your questions answered in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian!

Don’t put off the things you are yearning to know – ask them to our best specialists LIVE!

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