October 7, 2015


New Zabbix Releases

In August we released the first alpha version of Zabbix 3.0. And now we are excited to introduce you the second alpha release, Zabbix 3.0.0alpha2, now ready for testing!

Download it and explore the wide range of new possibilities opened up for you! Get acquainted with major improvements and new features awaiting you in Zabbix 3.0.0alpha2 by reading the Release Notes.

Here is just a small teaser of some substantial features to expect in the upcoming Zabbix 3.0 release:

Daemon communication encryption [ZBXNEXT-1263]

Encryption of traffic between all Zabbix components except Java Gateway.

Trend computing [ZBXNEXT-922]

Now it will be possible to predict the future behaviour of the monitored system based on historic data.

Execution of an item at a specific time [ZBXNEXT-2128]

Daily, hourly and weekly retrieval of values at specific times.

Success of Zabbix Conference 2015

Our 5th Zabbix Conference was a true success thanks to all the participants and loyal members of Zabbix community from all over the world! Impressive speeches, striking ideas and friendly meet-ups is something to stay in our memory. And, of course, the conference won’t be complete without our hula dances with the Hawaiian girls at the Welcome Party!

We got lost wandering through the forest of Open-Air Museum, tasted Latvian beer and made some lucky coins to be rich for the rest of our lives! Hope your heap of our souvenirs, gifts and awards didn’t get lost on your way home!

Read about the scale and diversity of content of Zabbix Conference 2015 in our blog post.

For The First Time

This year we sparked our usual agenda with 5-min Lightning Talks challenging speakers to express their thoughts briefly and precisely! This surpassed all expectations and was really fresh and innovative! We’re definitely going to preserve this tradition! #Ahiruyaki all over the world

Take a Look at The Presentations

For everyone, who would either want to recall the content of the speeches presented at the conference or could not come to listen them on the spot, we have published the slides on our Zabbix Conference 2015 Agenda page.

We are grateful and proud you were with us at Zabbix Conference 2015! Looking forward to meeting you all again at the next year’s conference!

New Zabbix Book

Another Zabbix book is available for order at Packt Publishing – Mastering Zabbix – Second Edition. In this book, you can learn how to install and optimize Zabbix to be able to monitor large IT environments.

Find out more about this and other Zabbix books on our website.

Zabbix Expands to the US and Japan

Zabbix has another thing to add to its success story as it has recently opened branch offices in the USA and Japan, which didn’t go unnoticed by the biggest and most influential business media in Latvia “Dienas Bizness”.

Upcoming Events

November is approaching! And it is full of IT events at which Zabbix is eager to participate!

HighLoad++ (November 2-3) – the biggest Russian professional event for web developers, taking place in Moscow, where we will have a booth with our team members ready to answer your questions.

Paris Open Summit (November 18-19) – one of the biggest worldwide IT event, where you can visit Zabbix booth and talk to our specialists and local partners.

Zabbix Conference Japan 2015 (November 20) – more than 200 attendees gathered together in Tokyo to explore Zabbix and share their experience.

Wave of Zabbix Services

We are now exploring Thailand as we welcome our new Zabbix Certified Partner, Softnix Technology, a professional IT services company, which is now able to provide the official Zabbix services to its clients in this exotic country.

Broaden Your Knowledge

Use your chance to apply for our upcoming Zabbix Certified trainings in Italy, France, Brazil, Mexico and Russia this month!

If these trainings do not match your needs, visit our Zabbix Training schedule to pick a location and language for you. There is always an opportunity for you to become Zabbix Certified!

Learn with Zabbix Webinars

Have a question regarding Zabbix 3.0? Want to get quick response to a topical issue?

Tune in for our Zabbix Webinars to know more about Zabbix from our leading specialists. On October 6-8 we have webinars in Russian. Our Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English-speaking friends – you can also pick a webinar in October to get your questions answered!

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