August 10, 2016

Release of 3.2.0alpha1

First alpha of Zabbix 3.2 is ready for early preview! Explore many major features and improvements.

Have another sneak preview of the features included in the upcoming Zabbix 3.2:

✔ New event correlation module will allow complex real-time matching of problems based on tags and attributes.

6 Days Till Registration Closed!

Learn more about new features of Zabbix 3.2, large-scale projects with Zabbix, cooperation examples and future plans on Zabbix 3.4 at the biggest Zabbix event of the year – Zabbix Conference 2016!

This year do not miss an opportunity to become Zabbix 3.0 Certified, as we will provide you with a chance to pass Zabbix 3.0 exam right at the conference!
Note that Conference Exam will be the only chance for 2.0 certificate holders to go for the 3.0 certificate without joining Training courses. Read more and save a seat!

We guarantee you a great time spent with your old and newfound friends as we have prepared a saturated Fun-Stuff Program for you. Within just 3 days we are going to take you to the brewery, medieval feast and cinema!

Get to know conference speakers and their backstory with Zabbix on our Blog.

Read about the role of Zabbix community and thousands of metrics collected with Zabbix in the latest interviews with Volker Fröhlich and Alain Ganuchaud.

Big thank you for your active participation in choosing the design for conference T-shirts. Find your favorite one and come to ZabConf2016 to get it!

Meet Zabbix

Rio de Janeiro Meetup (September 17)

The second Zabbix-dedicated event for Brazil community after Zabbix Conference LatAm 2016 to share our views, challenges and projects on Zabbix. Learn about talk proposal and event location on our events page.

GITEX (October 16-20)

Being the third largest technology event in the world, GITEX will welcome multiple IT specialists and entrepreneurs from 35+ countries in Dubai to share their achievements and ideas in different fields.

During 5 days Zabbix will be sharing the latest news, live demos and future plans with you, as well as creating new business connections.

HighLoad++ (November 7-8)

Big Data, IoT, complex systems and enterprise-level performance? That’s what makes Zabbix come to Moscow to HighLoad++ 2016.

Benefits of Zabbix Certificate

Zabbix Training provides a detailed instruction of Zabbix implementation and offers hands-on practice to sharpen your monitoring skills.

With a great demand for Zabbix Professionals in the IT market, you will benefit from being officially Certified, meaning you have learned and practiced Zabbix features, as well as passed the exam at the end of the course.

Visit our Training Schedule to choose one of the upcoming courses or write to us to organize a Zabbix training event right at your office!

In September, check out 2 training options in Canada:

Montreal – September 19-23 – Language: French
Vancouver – September 26-30 – Language: English

Zabbix Book

Master Zabbix in multiple languages! Here is a manual on Zabbix tuning and scaling along with real-life examples in German - "Monitoring mit Zabbix: Das Praxishandbuch".

Find more about this and other Zabbix titles on our website.

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