February 24, 2016


The Power of Zabbix 3.0

Zabbix 3.0 was released last week with a plenty of new features to be put in practice!

Now Zabbix 3.0.1rc2 with some fixes is at your disposal! If you still have not tried it, it is time to download it and double your performance!

You can find the overview of functionality on our What’s New in Zabbix 3.0 page.

Read our Release notes to find about upgrade procedure or contact us to require Professional service from our IT experts.

Leading Monitoring Solution

Zabbix Weblog will help you to get acquainted with our new features.

Read about how Zabbix 3.0 introduces a way to keep your data transmission safe, in our Encryption blog post.

How to predict potential problems which might occur in your system? Just read our blog post Forecasting and trend prediction to know how to prevent unwanted situations.

Alexei Vladishev

Zabbix 3.0 delivers whole range of functional and performance improvements for the demanding enterprise customers. We will continue our way of providing open source monitoring solution suitable for real-time monitoring with built-in anomaly detection, forecasting and trend prediction.

Low cost of ownership along with professional support and services makes Zabbix a perfect choice for companies having IT infrastructure of any size.

Alexei Vladishev, Founder & CEO, Zabbix LLC

Zabbix 3.0 is being discussed all around the globe! Here are some of the Zabbix-related articles worldwide:

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atmarkIT; Cloud Watch

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Živé.sk; eGroup Solutions; TASR

To Tranks; Dulinux

Tweakers; PChulp-Noord


Monitor with 3.0 - New Book

Another Zabbix book is available for order at Packt Publishing – Zabbix Network Monitoring – Second Edition, with the all new Zabbix 3.0 and its power to monitor the performance and availability of network devices and applications.

Find out more about this and other Zabbix books on our website.

Meetup in Riga, Latvia

Let’s share our excitement about Zabbix 3.0 while enjoying refreshing drinks and snacks! We can talk about business and still have fun!

We welcome you at the Zabbix Meetup in Riga, Latvia on March 23.

Meet your friends and colleagues in a relaxing atmosphere! Get in touch to ensure that there will be a free spot for you and your colleagues.

Learn with Webinars

If you have any questions or wish to know more about managing Zabbix 3.0, our free webinars are there to help you!

We speak with our community in so many languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian! Plus, on March 2 a webinar in Persian will be presented for the first time!

Don’t miss tomorrow’s webinar What’s New in 3.0, where our great specialists will update you on Zabbix 3.0.

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