Special Issue - Zabbix 3.2

Monitoring Solution That Continues To Surprise

We are proud to announce the release of Zabbix 3.2, available for download!

Explore the simplicity and efficiency in the new advanced features.

Now there are multiple new possibilities in Zabbix - event correlation, NOC optimized problem view, event tags and more.

Zabbix 3.2 empowers a user to make more actions with Zabbix, such as manually close problems, share web scenarios, take more control over discovered items, triggers and graphs, as well as efficiently deal with fast-growing log files and overload of notification alarms.

Alexei Vladishev

The new functionality introduced in Zabbix 3.2 makes migration from traditional expensive commercial monitoring solutions be more viable than ever. Why spend a fortune on license fees if Zabbix (free and open source!) already delivers higher level of scalability and functionality backed by outstanding commercial services?

Alexei Vladishev, Founder & CEO

What’s New in Zabbix 3.2?

Find a quick overview of some new features included in this release:

  • Event correlation and event tags

In Zabbix 3.2, the real-time problem matching becomes easier with tags. It is now possible to distinguish monitored events by tagging them, and correlate the received information coming from different sources. So save yourself from thousands of notifications and focus on root causes using correlation rules.

  • Coping with fast-growing log files

Now it is less troublesome to deal with an overload of messages in the log files. With new parameters added in 3.2, you can skip the messages in favor of the more important or recent ones.

  • Nested host groups

Facilitate your navigation across a huge amount of monitored devices by creating various host subgroups in a group or add the same groups to other groups in one click.

  • Export and import of web scenarios

When exporting hosts or templates into XML, web scenarios are now exported as well. When importing hosts/templates, there are options for creating new, updating existing and deleting missing web scenarios.

Share your web scenarios on share.zabbix.com!

  • Easier trigger hysteresis

Zabbix 3.2 introduces an optional second trigger expression called 'recovery expression' to ease the process of defining trigger hysteresis. Now it is offered for you to separately define the conditions that have to be met for the trigger to return back to the OK state.

  • Viewable items, triggers, graphs created by LLD

The ability to enable, disable or delete discovered entities manually will save you from Configuration pollution with undesired items, triggers and graphs. Enjoy the full control over the entities created by low-level discovery and their configuration. The Configuration tab is only one click away.

  • Recovery operations

With Zabbix 3.2 recovery operation, you can now both receive a notification when triggers go OK and execute a remote command. Additionally, it is now possible to assign several recovery messages to a single step.

Visit our What’s New page to read more about the new functionality of 3.2.

Read our Release notes to learn about Zabbix 3.2 installation and upgrade.

It’s Time to Upgrade

We are always glad to help you install Zabbix. Use our Zabbix Documentation to find User Manual on how to upgrade to Zabbix 3.2.

To be sure your migration is smooth and safe, you can use Zabbix professional upgrade services, with the best Zabbix experts to assist you. Require either a remote or on-site upgrade procedure by submitting this Price Inquiry Form or by contacting our Sales Team.

Explore Zabbix 3.2 Potential

Be in the swim with Zabbix Webinars dedicated to Zabbix 3.2 and get an overview of the new functionality live!

Sign up for "What’s New in 3.2" webinars on September 20-22 to learn from the best Zabbix professionals.

Zabbix Life Cycle

Make sure to follow our release cycle and policy regarding other Zabbix versions.

Note that Zabbix 2.2 Support ends in August 2019.

Zabbix 3.0 Support remains in force till February 2021.

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