Special Issue - Zabbix 3.4

Feel the Advancement in Monitoring

Announcing the release of Zabbix 3.4! Time to download it and explore a huge arsenal of new features!

Along with the most wanted improvements comes more control of a user over preprocessing of collected data, advanced problem notification procedure, flexibility in remote commands as well as time periods, plus, improved frontend in many ways.

Alexei Vladishev

I am extremely excited about an impressive list of new functionality and improvements included into Zabbix 3.4. Zabbix sets a new standard for enterprise monitoring solutions and helps medium and large businesses be more efficient and save millions by switching from traditional heavy monitoring tools to Zabbix.

Our users and partners love unmatched openness and flexibility of Zabbix that comes at much lower cost.

Alexei Vladishev, Founder & CEO

What’s New in Zabbix 3.4?

Here's a quick overview of some new features:

  • Preprocess collected data in an efficient way

In Zabbix 3.4, all item value preprocessing options are put in the hands of the user under a new Preprocessing tab in item configuration, among which are custom multiplier, calculation delta value, Regular expression, XML XPath and JSON Path.

  • Execute commands through proxies

Remote commands and global scripts are now executed on hosts monitored by proxies. You can now execute a remote command either by the agent or by the proxy itself.

  • Customize your dashboard

Zabbix 3.4 comes with a pile of dashboard improvements: support of multiple dashboards with ownership and sharing options, support of new widgets with drag & drop capabilities, new filtering options, implemented API for dashboards and more!

  • Receive notifications faster with parallel alerts

Alerts become parallel, as there is no single alerter for the notifications no more. You can now distribute as well as limit alerts to several processes through the StartAlerters configuration parameter.

  • Manage time periods easily using macros

User macros and time suffixes (such as 30s, 5m, 2h, 1d, 1w) are now supported in item update intervals and many more locations where time periods are specified in Zabbix.

  • Be notified on problem acknowledgement

Have an acknowledged problem? Receive a notification immediately! Manage the information included in the notification with the Acknowledgement operations tab.

Visit our What’s New page to read more about the new functionality of 3.4.

Read our Release notes to learn about Zabbix 3.4 installation and upgrade.


Upgrade with Ease


There are 3 ways to level up your Zabbix:

1. Use our Zabbix User Manual to upgrade to Zabbix 3.4 effortlessly.

2. Use Zabbix professional upgrade to ensure your migration is smooth and safe. Require either a remote or on-site upgrade procedure by submitting this Form or by contacting us.

3. Check what else is needed for your Zabbix - integration with other IT systems, 24/7 technical support or development of a new feature?
Explore Zabbix professional services and find a solution in the shortest time!

Discover Zabbix 3.4 with Webinars

How to use templates to monitor switches and routers? Or how to execute remote commands through proxies? How beneficial is the new return code check?

Learn all of this and much more by signing up for our What’s New in 3.4 webinars starting from August 28!

Make sure to prepare your questions and get them answered by the best Zabbix experts in English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese!


Zabbix Life Cycle


Don't forget to follow our release cycle and policy regarding other Zabbix versions.

Note that Zabbix 3.2 Support ends in November 2017.

Zabbix 3.0 Support is due in February 2021, and Zabbix 2.2 Support remains in force till August 2019.

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We thank all of you for your constant support, motivation and the ideas you share with us!

Now we invite you to share the news about the release and let people around you explore the potential of Zabbix 3.4!

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