December 20, 2017


Season’s Greetings from Zabbix

We wish you a great time spent with your family and a fruitful next year!

With the warmest regards, the Zabbix Team.


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Try out Zabbix 3.4.5rc2, 3.2.11rc2, 3.0.14rc2 and 2.2.21rc2. Zabbix 3.4.5rc2 now comes with Elastic support as a backend database.


Enjoy much easier management of time periods using macros in Zabbix 3.4! Here’s a blog post to guide you through this feature’s benefits.


Books are always a good gift! Explore Zabbix titles in various languages and learn Zabbix from Z to X.


Discover Zabbix success stories. Tell us your experience in using Zabbix!


Did you know that thanks to our translation team and community Zabbix is available in 15+ languages? Join our translators and make Zabbix available in your language!

2017 Achievements


Zabbix 3.4 was released in August, introducing enhanced API, a new notice type, giving users more control over preprocessing of collected data and much more.


Customize your dashboard, be notified on problem acknowledgement, use templates to monitor switches and routers and let Zabbix check your code! Find what Zabbix 3.4 can do for your IT infrastructure.


Mass data collection with Zabbix 3.4 – ways of gathering and preprocessing metrics with ease! Explore it in depth using Mercury236 and smartmontools as examples - in our dedicated blog post.


Monitoring Java applications has never been easier! All you need is Zabbix 3.4 and customizable JMX endpoints. Check out our blog post!


We have enabled Zabbix Agent support for active monitoring of platforms running IBM AIX.


It has been quite a busy and challenging year, full of worldwide expos and conferences. Check out our blog post about our “world tour” – of course, with pictures!


We’ve added another annual Zabbix event, hosting the 1st Zabbix Conference China in Shanghai.


This year we've hosted 133 Zabbix Training sessions in 60 cities, with ~1,500 Zabbix Certified experts spreading now Zabbix knowledge all over the world!


We've extended the reach of Zabbix services with the help of 34 new partners form the USA, Japan, China, Venezuela, Israel, Kazakhstan, European countries as well as the first partners from Myanmar and Philippines.


Proud to finish this year with a sense of success, by winning the Export and Innovation Award 2017!


Never stop running with Zabbix! This year Zabbix has taken part in Zabbix Annual Sports Games, 2 biggest marathons in the Baltic States and LikeIT Football tournament.


And Zabbix always has the best Xmas parties! This year we've Rock'n'Rolled back to the 50s!

Sneak Peek of 2018


Brace yourself – Zabbix 4.0 is coming next year!


Zabbix fever is spreading and you can help, too! Next year, share your passion for monitoring by organizing a Zabbix meetup in your area. Talk to us, we'll be happy to guide and assist you.


Stay tuned for the dates of Zabbix Conference in Riga, in Latin America, Japan and China.


And there are more surprises ahead, just wait for January! Follow us on social channels to be always up-to-date!

Year Begins with Knowledge

Plan your 2018 schedule and mark a date for Zabbix Professional Training. It is the fastest way to achieve an advanced knowledge of Zabbix shared by the best Zabbix trainers all around the globe.

If you are eager to learn along with your team members and the proposed locations are too far away, then tell us where you want us to come!

✔ Riga, Latvia January 15-19 Language: English
✔ Brasilia, Brazil January 22-26 Language: Portuguese
✔ Buffalo, NY, USA Jan 29 - Feb 2 Language: English
✔ Bielefeld, Germany February 5-9 Language: German
✔ Turin, Italy February 5-9 Language: Italian
✔ Detroit, MI, USA February 19-23 Language: English
✔ Porto Alegre, Brazil March 5-9 Language: Portuguese

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