June 27, 2018




Zabbix 4.0 is on its way! Zabbix 4.0.0alpha8 is out with:

  • more flexible active agent auto-registration
  • new time range selector for graphs
  • real-time export of history & events in JSON format

+ extensive number of other features and improvements!



Download newly-released Zabbix 3.4.11 and 3.0.19 together with packages and appliance files.


Zabbix is multilingual! Norwegian translation is available for Zabbix frontend starting from version 3.4.11.


Discover Redis instances, monitor MariaDB partitions, install Zabbix Agent on Windows Server with Ansible and more. Grab these add-ons and share yours at Zabbix Share.


Thanks to Badoo, we had a great time at Zabbix Moscow Meetup – Zabbix troubleshooting, events in Elasticsearch, Grafana plugin and more. Presentations will be available soon on Slide Share (in Russian).


Zabbix Summit 2018 is the biggest Zabbix event about monitoring, and we’re happy to announce that the first batch of talks are already published!

Explore the preliminary agenda:

  • Applications and container monitoring with Performance Co-Pilot
  • Monitoring Blockchain systems with Zabbix
  • Machine learning analysis of Zabbix data
  • Monitoring Red Hat’s Rocket Chat instance
  • Case studies – Zabbix at Intersvyaz, Zabbix at China Merchants Bank
  • Zabbix long-term vision for the future, Zabbix Cloud & more
  • Visualize it! Getting the most out of Zabbix UI

Hurry up and craft your talk proposals to be part of this year's agenda!

The Zabbix Summit ticket is all-inclusive, involving 2-day agenda, accommodation, meals and parties. Register!


NTT Com Solutions – Gold Sponsor

Welcome our Gold Sponsor - NTT Com Solutions, being Zabbix Premium Partner and Trainer, and strengthening Zabbix in the Japanese market for many years.


Here’s the fastest way to master Zabbix – learn it on the spot and with the top experts. Master the latest features and add-ons, install, configure and practice Zabbix.

Visit our Training Schedule and get Zabbix Certified in the USA, Canada, China, Brazil, Europe + more.

✔ Paris, France July 2-6 Language: French
✔ Guangzhou, China July 16-20 Language: English
✔ Munich, Germany July 16-20 Language: German
✔ Porto Alegre, Brazil July 16-20 Language: Portuguese
✔ Montreal, Canada July 23-27 Language: English
✔ Bielefeld, Germany July 30 - August 3 Language: German
✔ Beijing, China August 6-10 Language: English
✔ Rostov-on-Don, Russia August 13-17 Language: Russian
✔ Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil August 27-31 Language: Portuguese
✔ Tallinn, Estonia August 27-31 Language: English

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