March 28, 2018




Zabbix 4.0.0alpha5 is out with kiosk mode for dashboard, tag based permissions, keyboard navigation, and more.


Zabbix 3.4.8rc1 and 3.0.16rc1 are ready and available for testing.


Adding to the Zabbix success story, we're proud to receive the Latvian Chamber of Commerce & Industry award, being recognized for the export achievements.



Get what you need to extend your Zabbix on Zabbix Share! Auto discover AWS S3 buckets, monitor ArangoDB, Elasticsearch and weather conditions on WeeWX, plus more templates and modules added daily.


When you're looking for monitoring insights and want to go at your own pace, Zabbix books in different languages might be the right choice. Pick a topic and dive in!


Have a story on Zabbix implementation, a template or a business case to share with others?

Craft a talk proposal for the Zabbix Summit 2018, being held this October in Riga!

We’re seeking for a broad area of talks – from DevOps and monitoring all kind of IT resources, to integration with services and big installation examples.

Why become a speaker?

✔ Share your experience
✔ Develop reputation as an expert
✔ Receive all-inclusive Zabbix Summit package for a reduced price




Red Hat Summit (May 8-10)

Our next stop will be in San Francisco, CA on May 8-10. We’ll come for Red Hat Summit 2018 to add more red and open source to this grand event! See you there!


CEBIT (June 11-15)

We’re proud to be part of this event for the 3rd time in a row, demonstrating Zabbix capabilities in cloud, VMs and database monitoring. Meet us in Hanover, Germany in June!


VirtuOps, Zabbix Reseller from the USA
provides an open source integration and automation platform that is uniquely suited to resolve problems detected by Zabbix.

Zavatec IT Services and Consulting, Zabbix Reseller from Argentina
has a wide experience in IT services of Systems Management and Monitoring.

Become a Zabbix partner in your country! Explore the partnership benefits.


Zabbix Professional Training is designed to teach you the art of Zabbix automation by learning and practicing Zabbix, using latest features and add-ons in common as well as thorny cases.

Zabbix training courses in Costa Rica, Spain and Russia are added to our Schedule!

✔ Prague, Czech Republic April 9-13 Language: English
✔ Paris, France April 9-13 Language: French
✔ Turin, Italy April 9-11 Language: Italian
✔ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil April 9-13 Language: Portuguese
✔ Bielefeld, Germany April 9-13 Language: German
✔ Beijing, China April 16-20 Language: English
✔ Moscow, Russia April 23-27 Language: Russian
✔ Melbourne, Australia May 7-11 Language: English
✔ San José, Costa Rica May 14-18 Language: Spanish
✔ Riga, Latvia May 14-18 Language: English
✔ Orlando, FL, USA May 14-18 Language: English
✔ Pontevedra, Spain May 21-25 Language: Spanish

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