Special Issue - Zabbix 4.0

IT infrastructure monitoring for the era of digital transformation

We are proud to announce the release of Zabbix 4.0 LTS, available for download!

Noticeable performance boost, more data visualization capabilities, new and updated agent items, as well as a great variety of frontend improvements await you!

We have designed Zabbix 4.0 to handle the most complex monitoring scenarios embodying a multiplicity of features, like real-time visualization capabilities that bring Zabbix one step ahead of the competition. Or emphasis on capability and stability coupled with superb level of commercial support makes Zabbix shine and stand out in the crowd allowing us to provide clients with an Open-Source IT infrastructure monitoring tool that ensures reliable, accurate and lasting operations.

Alexei Vladishev, Founder & CEO

What’s New in Zabbix 4.0?

Get inspired by a quick overview of some new features included in this release:

  • Enhanced visualization

Use, visualize and analyze collected data in the new redesigned graph widget. Work with multiple data sets, select sets of metrics or individual metrics for graphing, configure graph line-style and legend layout as you wish as well as observe information about discovered problems straight on the graph.

  • Stay focused, avoid distraction

Kiosk mode is optimized for video walls and is now supported in all pages where full screen mode is available. Dashboard, Problems, Latest data and all other Monitoring menu sections can now be used in this mode. In addition to that, dashboard widgets got a much cleaner look with no footer information.

  • Same screen size, more details

The new compact view mode is a must-have for NOC engineers. It is designed to increase operational efficiency and get a clear understanding of problem tackling priorities. Use compact view mode to maximize the amount of problems visible at the same time.

  • Solve problems faster and smarter

Change problem severity, manually close the required problem without acknowledging, commenting, or sending a message! All the operations are now controlled by user permissions and can be changed anytime.

  • Faster and more secure distributed monitoring

Compression for communication with Proxies, enabled by default, is introduced by Zabbix 4.0! A compression layer massively reduces the size of transferred data and the amount of network traffic thus leading to noticeable performance improvements.

  • Collect performance and availability data using HTTP and HTTPS protocols

The new HTTP agent item type is introduced and can be used along with data preprocessing and dependent items to get a super powerful combination for efficient data collection from Rest API, XML, SOAP, JSON RPC, Prometheus and even plain text data sources.

    Visit our What’s New page to read more about the new functionality of 4.0.

    Read our Release notes to learn about Zabbix 4.0 installation and upgrade.


Upgrade with Ease


There are 3 ways to level up your Zabbix:

1. Use our Zabbix User Manual to upgrade to Zabbix 4.0 effortlessly.

2. Use Zabbix professional upgrade to ensure your migration is smooth and safe. Require either a remote or on-site upgrade procedure by submitting this Form or by contacting us.

3. Check what else is needed for your Zabbix - integration with other IT systems, 24/7 technical support or development of a new feature?

Explore Zabbix professional services and find a solution in the shortest time!

Attention! End of Support

Be sure to get acquainted with our release cycle and policy regarding other Zabbix versions.

Note that Zabbix 3.0 Full Support ends on February 2019.
Zabbix 3.0 Limited Support ends on February 2021.

Zabbix 3.4 Limited Support ends this October.

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