October 31, 2018




Zabbix 3.0.23 and Zabbix 4.0.1 release are ready. Feel free to download and test on your own.


When you have questions on Zabbix, check out maybe we already discuss them on Zabbix Forum, IRC and Telegram channels. Meet and join Zabbix Community.


We are happy to announce that as a result of the hard work Zabbix website is now available in Chinese.

Now Zabbix release notes, documentation, as well as training and webinar schedules and much more is ready to be easily explored for the audience of more than 800 millions of people.


Photos from Zabbix Summit 2018, that took place in Riga at the beginning of October, are published. Feel free to view the gallery – pictures from both Summit days and parties, and as a bonus, Summit members’ selfies, made within the official Selfie Game.


We keep updating the webinar schedule on the website, so follow it not to miss a perfect time.

Note that the free webinar is a perfect way to discover Zabbix 4.0 and get all the answers you may have directly from the Zabbix experts.



China International Import Expo 2018 (Nov 5 - 10)

China International Import Expo 2018 is the first world-class expo, opening Chinese market to the World. Zabbix will be there to introduce the world-class monitoring solution, covering the demand in safe and controlled IT infrastructure.


HighLoad 2018 (Nov 8 - 9)

HighLoad is the biggest professional conference for highload system developers. Zabbix for sure will stand for monitoring, showing the usability and new opportunities available in Zabbix 4.0.


China Hi-Tech Fair 2018 (Nov 14 - 18)

China Hi-Tech Fair — the largest and most influential scientific and technological fair in China. Among the other IT influencers and innovators Zabbix will cover the monitoring niche, showing how effective it can be in every business.


Zabbix Conference Japan 2018 (Nov 16)

This November, Zabbix Conference Japan will take place in Tokyo!

Multiple presentations, including a keynote speech of Alexei Vladishev, as well as various case studies on Zabbix use in different industries, how-to talks and Zabbix integration possibilities with different services.


Zabbix Conference China 2018 (Nov 23 - 24)

This November, the 2nd Zabbix Conference China will take place in Shanghai.

Speakers from Latvia will give a deeper insight into Zabbix 4.0 features, while Zabbix Chinese community members will share their own monitoring experience, by introducing real use cases.


Paris Open Source Summit 2018 (Dec 5 - 6)

Paris OSS is the premier European event highly focused on the Free & Open Source sector.

Find out what role Zabbix monitoring plays in this revolution - visit us at the Zabbix booth!


Zabbix Conference Benelux 2019 (Feb 1 - 2)

The first Zabbix Conference Benelux will be mostly dedicated to the new Zabbix release. Since version 4.0 has appeared on the market, many new features should be discovered and will certainly be discussed and explained during the Conference.


With the release of Zabbix 4.0, Zabbix has introduced 4 types of training courses. Now there is a special training course for beginners with no specific background requirements – Zabbix Certified User. As well, more advanced level is also added – Zabbix Certified Expert, which comes after the Zabbix Certified Professional title.

Learn more about available training courses and requirements for each level.

Check out our Training Schedule and apply for a course near you:

✔ Nossegem, Belgium November 5-9 Language: English
✔ Munich, Germany November 5-9 Language: German
✔ Chandler, AZ, USA November 5-9 Language: English
✔ Bielefeld, Germany November 12-16 Language: German
✔ Prague, Czech Republic November 12-16 Language: English
✔ Bologna, Italy November 12-16 Language: Italian
✔ Turin, Italy November 19-21 Language: Italian
✔ Porto Alegre, Brazil November 19-23 Language: Portuguese
✔ Bogota, Colombia November 19-23 Language: Spanish
✔ Shanghai, China November 12-16 Language: English
✔ Catania, Italy November 26-30 Language: Italian
✔ Paris, France December 3-7 Language: French

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